Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hey everyone,

Well, it has been a busy first year of marriage. We are now both in school, Nate at BYU and Kelly at UVSC (soon to be UVU). Nate is studying Business Strategy and Finance and is trying to get a good internship this summer with a management consulting firm. He has interviewed with quite a few companies and is just waiting to hear back. Kelly is loving life as a full-time student. She has decided to major in social work, and loves learning about social issues and how she can help.

We have really enjoyed living in Orem, Utah for the past year, except for the snow and the cold. It has been nice to live close to Nate's brothers and sisters. We have also made some wonderful friends in the ward and really enjoy hanging out and playing games with other couples. Also for entertainment, we have started watching the 24 series. Our neighbors have all the seasons, so we have already seen through season 2 and are getting ready for season 3. Jack Bauer is the bomb!

All in all, we are loving life. We stay pretty busy, but we like it that way. We are just trying to save enough time for exercise, because we have both gained a little weight. We will make sure to keep you all updated on our lives and post pictures so that you can trace our weight loss progress, or lack thereof :).