Friday, September 20, 2013

quick pic recap: june - present

Phone/Instagram pics of our life since leaving Durham...

Salmon Taco's... amazing!

The Gum Wall

Nate... Frog Whisperer?

The girls loved swimming with Papa Brian

My maternal grandparents, Papa Jack and Grandma Weeze (Louise)

Visiting Grandma Dana

Lyla with a flower she stole from Grandma Dana's grave. 

While in Cali, we got to see some of our good friends from Duke.

Seven Peaks every chance we got in Utah.

Got to meet some of my MS pen-pals. 

Passed out in the car after playing all day.

The time Nate accidentally gave himself a black eye playing soccer tennis. 

Spoils from the Mercer Island Days Weekend.

swimming, swimming, swimming. 

Our new house with SO much to unpack. 

Our favorite breakfast place is less than a mile away.

One of our many trips to Ikea.

1st ultrasound, 11 weeks

FHE gymnastics.

Huge, gross slugs in our yard. 

Best chocolate croissant I've ever had.

Our neighborhood.

Nate taking a sick day but still wasn't able to get much rest.

New knives!

One of my absolute favorite things about living here is our Produce Guy.  He sells produce out of his garage for dirt cheap and it makes my heart (and wallet) happy.

I found about a hundred photo's like this that Lyla took of herself one day :)

Operation Spice Rack Project: Almost complete. 

"Mom, is there pee in peanuts?" :)

Donuts with friends.

Birthday date

Our babysitter drew this of and for the girls.

I found Belle giving our neighbors a little show.  Tsk tsk.