Wednesday, March 28, 2012


For those that didn't already know from Facebook, Nate got a summer internship with...
We are so stinking excited that he'll get to work with such a great company and I think I am even more excited about the fact that recruiting for summer internships is OVER! No more stress! Now we just have to get our house ready to leave for about 3-4 months so we can move our little family to Seattle, Washington!!!

That's kind of a really long distance, don't you think? Unfortunately, since it's so far away, we will not be bringing our cars with us. So we will primarily be using public transportation, renting, or borrowing cars. At the end of the internship we'll be attending a family reunion on Nate's side, and I'll probably head down to California at some point or another but at least all my destinations will be in the same time zone. That will give us SOME type of stability, right?

If any of you have recommendations for fun things to do with children in Seattle, I'd love to hear them!

I'm going to go watch one of my favorite movies now, Sleepless in Seattle :)

Did you catch the title of this post? Made for each other?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lyla's prayer's lately...

Lyla's prayer's have been absolutely hilarious lately. She just thinks of the funniest things to pray about. Anyway, I had to write down a few of the funniest and latest ones...

The other day she was at our friends, the McIntyre's, while I was delivering food to someone in my ward who was sick. I guess during her prayer she said:

"Please bless the sick lady that my mom is bringing dinner to. And please bless that the door can stay shut so no monster's can get it".

And then while Nate and I were out on our date last night she was with her swap group. Apparently she asked to bless everyone by name around the table, twice. And then she said things like:

"Please bless my mom and dad that they won't get in an accident so they can come pick me up and take me home."

I think there were some other things during that prayer but apparently it went so long that they had to ask her to stop, lol!

And then tonight during our dinner, she said the prayer and it went like this:

"... Please bless mommy, and Ruby, and daddy, and Lyla. Please bless me that I will not get into an accident when driving to friends' house. Please bless me not to get hit by a car when I'm crossing the street to friends' houses. Please bless our drinks that they won't get spicey. Bless the bread that it will help us not die. Bless the plates that they won't break and bless me not to break my glass. And bless the food. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Nate and I trying not to, but we were laughing SOOO HARD and I was actually crying by the time her prayer was over. She just looked at us confused and asked what was so funny. Man, I love her!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bunnies Pt. 2

These little bunny babes have been getting cuter and cuter! Their eyes are now open, and so when we go to take a peek at them, they get a lot more adventurous and curious!

Cute little guy

They are so packed in there but so far we have only seen 4 at a time. There could be more but I have no idea.

Then the other night we were showing our friend the bunnies and they were all awake and one of them felt especially brave! Lyla loves these little bunnies and is really good with them. She pet's their bodies soooo softly and just watches them and give them their space most of the time. She and I are always wanting to go out and check on them.
Somewhat difficult to see but one of the bunnies is poking its head out.


Lyla with the bunny poking its head out.

Bunny #1 decided to get really brave and two other bunnies wanted to see the action as well.

Bunny #1 and his posse.

This pic gives you a good idea of how tiny these babes are. Lyla was so excited!

I left out a carrot stick last night for the mommy bunny to eat and she didn't have a single bite! Carrot snob! ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

she says the funniest things

Our little Lyla has been making us laugh so much lately with the funny things she says. We had a particularly funny incident with her tonight that I had to write it down, along with some other funny quotes. The one from tonight will be saved for last :)

  • The other day the girls were playing together and Lyla was calling Ruby "Rube-a-licious". A few minutes later, Lyla got frustrated with Ruby and instead of calling her her usual first and middle name, she yelled out "Ruby A Licious!!!" as if the "a-licious part was her middle name. So now it has become a family thing
  • Whenever I tell her no to something, she always pulls the "Well, my DAD says I can have a candy. Yeah, my dad says so." Of course, this never works. Then the other weekend Nate's dad came into town and after he left she started using, "Well, my grandpa says _____." I think she confused as to who is boss around here.
  • Yesterday, Lyla was marching around our kitchen table singing in a robotic voice saying things like: When I get biggerrrrrrr; I'm going to get marrieeeeeeed; in the templlllllle; and have 5 babieeeeeesssss. And then she went on about how I needed a new necklace because she didn't like the one I was wearing and we had to get to the store tomorrow to get me a new one.
  • Lyla usually wakes us up in the morning and since Nate got up with the girls the morning before he asked, "Kel, could you take care of her?" and when I told Lyla to wait a few minutes as I was still waking up, she turns to Nate and said "Dad, mom's not taking care of me." Ouch! That definitely got me up!
  • The other day we were in the store and we passed by a woman who was particularly small. Lyla just kind of looked at her and as the lady turned the corner, Lyla ran over to me and whisper-shouted "Mom! She's LITTLE!". I tried hushing her but I was laughing so hard because the look on Lyla's face was as if she has just seen Santa himself. She was ecstatic!
  • The other day, Ruby was looking pretty dirty. Dirty, greasy hair, food, on her face and on her clothes. And Nate jokingly said "Who's homeless"? to which Lyla so innocently replied, "You mean, who's home?"

And then tonight's funny moment...

Background: Almost everything in this household that can sometimes be a battle has turned into a competition. Eating, getting dressed, brushing teeth, doing hair, etc. is all based on who can do it faster and Lyla is always aware of who she is against and who she is going to beat. So if we're eating dinner she'll finish and exclaim "I beat you guys!". Or to get her to hurry getting on pajama's or brushing her teeth we'll say "You better hurry if you want to beat Ruby"! Or we'll race up the stairs for bedtime saying something like "I'm going to beat you up the stairs!" and we'll all start booking it. So anyway, it's all about the competition in this house and we have a lot of fun with it.

So, we were at our friends house this evening for dinner and Lyla was doing really well eating her dinner while her friend Izzy was just going a little more slowly. I don't remember the exact wording before Lyla's little line but as Izzy's parents were trying to encourage her to eat her food the conversation went something like this:

I's parents: Izzy, look... Lyla has almost finished her chowder. Can you finish yours?
me: Lyla, tell Izzy how yummy it is.
Lyla: (so seriously to Izzy) If you don't eat your food, I'm going to have to beat you!

All of us were a little weirded out at what she had just said because it was so unexpected and just downright creepy! And then it just dawned on Nate and I that Lyla was really just trying to create a little competition like she does at every meal. Nate and I were laughing hysterically and so were the Oakes' (though, their laughter was probably a little more out of discomfort at first, lol), while Lyla and Izzy looked confused, and we tried our best to explain what Lyla meant so they didn't haven't to wonder what really goes on in our household. Oh man, we had good laugh at that one!

We love our Lyla LEW!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Temporary Pets

This has been an exciting weekend at the Wright household! First of all, we are watching this cute girl again....

We love this dog, especially our girls. They just laugh and play with Evey all day long and Ruby chases her around yelling "EEE!!!" We love getting to spend so much time with this cute pup!

Anyway, as Evey was running around in the backyard yesterday she started barking at what Nate had originally thought was cotton. We brought her in so she would stop barking and then I let her out later. She kept barking at that same spot so I went to investigate further and realized that what Nate thought was cotton, was actually animal fur! So I took a closer look thinking that there was maybe a dead animal or something that she was trying to dig up and then I see there was a little head that popped out of the ground and then quickly went back in! So I call Nate out and we move Evey and realize that there was a NEST OF BUNNIES!!!!!!

The nest.

We had no idea what to do and wondered if these babies were abandoned or something. So I went online to look up some information and found a local bunny society. We found out that these bunnies are newborn's because their eyes are still closed (awwwwwww!). Their mommies bury them in a nest, cover it up, and leave them, coming back only once a day to feed them. The mother's don't stick around so predator's don't realize there are babies there.
They're pretty packed in there. I think there are at least 3 or 4, and quite possibly more. You can see the hind legs on the one on the top right.

You can see the little bunny head to the top left.

These little guys are SOOO CUTE and tiny. I think they are about 4 inches long, their ears still stick to their bodies, and when you uncover their nest they pop out at you. The bunny lady I talked to said they call them "popper's".

Nate was laughing at me because I was thinking and feeling that the mom could have given birth right outside our house and we weren't even there to help or be with her! He reminded me that it's nature and they do this type of thing all the time. I guess I know that but I feel sort of honored that she chose OUR backyard to keep her babies there and safe. Haha, I know I am a dork.

We love having temporary pet's!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love this pic

I Heart Faces is hosting a photo challenge for B&W photo's and I just had to enter this one in. This was originally taken from a maternity photo shoot I did and we got a few of the family. I love the parents expression of pure JOY as they just love and play with their cute daughter.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grandpa Wright comes to town...

Nate's dad came in for a quick visit while he was doing some business here in NC. Lyla was really looking forward to his visit and kept asking about everything from when he was coming to what he was going to be wearing :). Anyway, when Grandpa finally arrived, Lyla was in a fit of giggles the entire time!! She made sure she got to sit next to him in dinner and always wanted to sit and snuggle with him. Lyla was in grandpa heaven!

This was taken right after he arrived. See the giggling face?

Ruby was a little shy at first and wouldn't let him hold her, but she kept laughing and smiling at him. And Rube kept walking up to him and playing with his hands or ring or something and whenever Grandpa went to pick her up she just started laughing and laughing while running away! The little flirt! It was so stinkin' cute!
Luckily Ruby sat with him for a total of 45 seconds so we could get a few cute shots.

So happy with Grandpa!

We had so much fun having Grandpa Wright come to town, even if it was for a short visit. The girls got to play with him for a little bit, they showed him their Monster Boogie and Dinosaur March dances, Nate and I had some great conversations with him, and it was just a fun, fun visit! Thanks for coming Grandpa, we miss you already!!!

It's like Christmas

Getting Ruby from her naps is like Christmas. Her hair is always in some crazy state and it's like we get a little present each time. Anyway, here is how we found her the other day...

my little cockatoo

And then Lyla wanted to take a picture with dad and Rube...

I love my family!

Ee, 5

I taught preschool the other day to these cute kiddo's. We learned about the letter E and the number 5 and then the kids got to practice writing the numbers and letter's and then they got to do a craft. I don't know what is up with Lyla's angry face, but she was pretty determined NOT to smile for me. Oh well. This was taken right before we started lesson time.

** These placemat's are brilliant and the kids love finding their placemat's and sitting in their designated spots (on the floor for story time, table for lesson time or lunch, etc)! Thanks to Emily for making them!

Babysitting swap

Best idea ever. Everybody drops their kids off at the designated house for the week while they go on their weekly date. Then once every 4-5ish week's you get to be the couple to watch all the kiddo's. 3 hours of craziness in exchange for 4, 3-hour date nights with your hubby? Yes, please!!

Anyway, it was our turn turn to watch the kiddo's the other night and we had 9 kids age 3 and under!
Julia and Lyla blowing bubbles.

cute lyla

All 9 kids from the evening. We're missing one and we gained 2 that night.

We love babysitting swap!

It snowed!!!

A friend of mine texted me the other night and said "Enjoying the snow"? I had NO idea that it was snowing so I ran outside and saw this beauty!

We hadn't had snow this entire winter and I was pretty sure it would be our last. So, being the responsible mother than I am, I ran upstairs to wake up Lyla so she could see the snow. She was SOOO sleepy, but it was so worth it! She was smiling from ear to ear and since it was the first snow of the season we ate handfuls of clean snow :) It was so cold and Ly was shivering but even the next day she was still so excited about it. Totally worth it!