Friday, February 25, 2011

Les Miserables

Can I just say... I LOVE Les Miserables. To the very core of my entire being. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but it is so true. I grew up listening to the music of this play with my mom. We'd just sit there and imagine ourselves being the character's and just sob together at the sad parts. I will forever be thankful to my mom for introducing Les Mis to me. The story is so incredibly moving and the music is just so completely powerful that I get teary almost every time I listen and sing to it. Luckily, Nate loves the music as well so he will sometimes join me (in the singing, not the crying :)) and I am sure our neighbors think we are crazy, especially me since I am the one who belts out with a voice that is not so grand, haha!

Anyway, I have wanted to see Les Mis in the theater ever since, well, forever ago. Actually, I guess I saw it when I was around 13 years old, but I don't remember any details from it. So, when Nate and I got married, I told him that if Les Mis was ever playing where we were living, that we HAD to go because it was hardly ever in the US! So, when it came to our very own Chicago for Les Miserables 25th Anniversary, my wonderful husband got us tickets and we saw the show, and we saw it last night.

The night started out rough due to traffic. So we missed our nice dinner and ended up scarfing down Dunkin' Donuts and arrived to the theater just in time. But all that stress was forgotten when we got there and when the play started. I just have to say... IT. WAS. AMAZING. Seriously. SOOOO good! We had awesome seats and we were able to see EVERYTHING on the stage! If you've only heard the music on the CD, wait until you hear it from the stage, LIVE! Holy crap. And there were so many songs that are not on the CD that are also just wonderful and I really wish I could listen to them on a regular basis. And, in true Kelly fashion, I sobbed practically the entire time like a total idiot. I'm pretty sure no one was quite as emotional as I was, but that's okay. It made Nate laugh, at least :)

Thanks to my awesome husband for fulfilling one of my dreams to see Les Mis. I am a very, very happy wife :).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Steelwells

Vote for The Steelwells!!! A couple of my friends are in this band and they just happen to be in a contest set up by Jimmy Fallon (the link is below). Also, the winner gets to perform on his show and gets to be on the cover of RollingStone magazine!! So, check them out, listen to their music, like the on facebook or whatever. And if you like them, PROMOTE THEM!! They are awesome people and have awesome music. So, GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

To the loves of my life...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

These two girls bring me joy every single day. I just can't get enough of them, their smiles, their laughs, and the pure excitement over the smallest things. They bring so much love and joy into our home! Love you girls!
This is from when we were dating and is one of my all-time favorite pictures of him.
And to my wonderful hubs... You put up with all my quirks and sometimes disgusting habits, my constant worrying, my meltdowns, my music, and my lack of organization. You listen to me when I need to vent, you cook, you clean, you take such great care of me and the kids. You let me boss you around and tell you what clothes to buy. And you work your tail off to provide for this family and to make sure we have a good future. Thank you. I love you forever and ever!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blizzard and Girls

Last week we had a pretty big blizzard hit us in the Chicago area. Stores shut down, Nate was told not to go into work, and hardly anyone was actually on the road! It was insane. Actually, looking behind our house, I didn't think we got it so bad. But then when I went out to the front I realized that there was a TON of snow. Anyway, here are some pics...

This is the view behind our house.
I was actually surprised how much snow our deck got considering it is completely covered...
Our front driveway. Our car was parked outside since we had family in town and so that spot was where our car was parked. Nate took our car out to go play in the snow :)
Driving around our neighborhood.
The lake next to our apartment was completely covered as well.
The snow piled up at the side of our house. I wish we would have stood next to it so you could see how large it was!
And then the view from the front door.
Anyway, and here are a couple of CUTE pictures of my girls. I just love them!

Lyla in her new dress two Sunday's ago...
And Ruby in her princess chair. I finally got a picture of her smiling!
And then lastly, Ruby has been a little sick. She is starting to feel and sound MUCH better... but this video is of her with her raspy voice. And don't worry, we picked her up right after we shot the video :)