Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Lyla had her first bubble bath last night and she just LOVED the bubbles! As soon as she saw them she just dove in to try to eat them. I remember I always did this when I was little and I would always come up with a little Santa beard and go "Ho Ho Ho!!!". I love this girl!

One time, she accidentally got a little water, well maybe a lot of water... This is her "choking" face... (Please be aware that Nate was taking pictures and I was there making sure she was okay. We're good parents, I swear!) you gotta love that face...

We love our little girl!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A couple of cute videos

Here are a couple of recent video's of the babe.

This one is of Lyla walking with her walker... she loves that thing!

And this one is of her transforming into a Gremlin :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Been a While... and 10 months

It's been a while since I have blogged about our family. Not because I don't have things to blog about, it's more like the opposite. Too much to blog about and we're just busy. So, I'll work on that :)

But for now, I'll blog about Lyla. Nate and I can't believe she is already 10 months! She is more like 10.5 months, so we're a little behind. But seriously, before we know it she will be 1 and that, to me, is crazy! I know EVERYONE says this, but the time really did fly. It is so fun to watch her grow and develop and to see her personality just blossom. It is funny to see how she can drive me so crazy and at the same time I'm totally crazy about her. She is such a cutie! Here are some pics...

Smiling at daddy to let him know she is thrilled to be scoping out the refrigerator.

She has been holding her own bottle since I weaned her at 7 months but for the past couple of months she has started to hold the bottle with one hand. Usually when we lay next to her while she is eating she will hold the bottle with one hand while playing with our face with the other. Here she is holding her toy and her bottle. Talk about talent!

With the chap stick she loves to play with and her goofy face.

I love this picture of me and her. Btw, she loves hoodies. Whenever we put her hood on she doesn't ever try to take it off. That's my girl!

Our little family at Willis (Sears) Tower.

  • Climbs up and down the stairs all by herself.
  • Loves to walk with the walker and thinks it is hilarious when she goes really fast.
  • First thing she does when daddy holds her is grab his glasses and she looks for them if he doesn't have them on.
  • is the worst baby to change a diaper on unless she has a bottle or some toy to play with. If she doesn't, she'll be sitting there calmly and then turn over REALLY fast like she is an alligator. I don't know if alligator or slippery pig is the best way to describe her during diaper changing.
  • Loves to play and eat anything paper. Luckily, I saved my scriptures this morning!
  • Loves to talk over anyone else who is talking and especially loves talking over the TV.
  • During SYTYCD and during cartoon's she just stands right at the TV to watch it.
  • Can be in a room full of toys and she'll manage to find some sort of strap (on a carseat or something) and she'll just sit and chew on it.
  • Lets us know she is awake by standing up in her crib and slamming her hand down on the side.
  • Has the CUTEST little jabber we have heard! It can go really high, really low, to a growl, to a laugh.
  • Is the most ticklish baby on her ribs. Seriously.
  • Gagged herself yesterday, twice, until she threw up, twice.
  • Loves being around other babies. She loves to charge at them, get really close, and then sit right next to them with a face that says, "Hi, I'm Lyla! Who are you? What are you doing? Can I watch?" And sometimes she'll use them to help her stand and can't really take a hint that other babies don't usually like that.
  • Loves animals. She loves to play with our neighbors cat that we have been watching (I can't say the cat feel's the same). She loves dogs and unfortunately, when they come up to her really quick to kiss her, I can't say that she doesn't turn her head or close her mouth. I know, it's gross.
  • Crawls really fast. Stands and walks along things.
  • Laugh's a lot when I dance silly in front of her.
  • Loves to eat food.
  • Holds her bottle all by herself.
  • Would rather crawl over things than around them.
  • Sounds like a gremlin 25% of the time (creepy/growly voice and noises).
  • LOVES mornings when she wakes up and gets to play with mom and dad in their bed.
  • Chews on anything she has handy.
  • Has 4 teeth (two on top, two on bottom) and the other top two are coming down pretty quickly.
  • Loves and hates to be tossed in the air by daddy. She laughs and smiles and at the same time looks really worried and grabs him tightly when she is back in his arms.
  • Can manage to find all your baby hairs and pull the ones that hurt the most.
  • She knows the word "No". And she can say little words but I don't think she quite knows what they mean.
  • Has dark hair that sometimes looks blonde, but it really is dark.
  • Can give kisses and hugs really well!
We love our beautiful girl!