Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Us Lately...

Well here is a little update on the Wright fam...

Last week we flew out to Utah for Nate's graduation.  We had fun and it was a good experience, but it was LONG!!  It was held in the Marriott center and every MBA and undergrad were all there to walk.  So, they did all the MBA's then the undergrads and Nate was dead last.  The only people who were after him were those who did their degree online (there were 5).  The benefit to being last is the picture area is completely clear for us to do as we please and stay as long as we like :)  So, it was fun and we are glad we went. We were able to see some good friends and spend time with family.  Overall, good experience!  Here are some pictures:

Right after he walked.

Nate, Lyla and I with Grandma and Grandpa Wright.

Nate and I.  I know I look a little pregnant but I'm not :)

Our little family :)

Me with the cap.  One day, I'll get there... one day...

Lastly, Nate gets surgery on his ACL and meniscus tomorrow.  We are anxious to get this surgery done and over with so he can get to recovery as quick as possible.  He hates not being active!  He will most likely get to go back to work on Monday.  So, I get to have 2 babies to take care of over the weekend (not that Nate is a baby, but you get my point).

Not much to report.  I love being a mom.  I love my calling.  I got my hair cut as you can see from pictures above.  That's pretty much it :)

Holy cow, this girl never ceases to impress me.  She cracks me up.  She is the strongest baby I know that is her age.  Her brace and her casts have made her all muscle.  As you can see in the picture below, she has her braces up in the air.  She ALWAYS has them like this.  That brace is a good 1.5-2lbs and it's no big thing to her.  Lately she has discovered her shoelaces and likes to try and eat them (also pictured below).  She likes to grab at anything and everything and put it in her mouth to chew on it.  I am still waiting on those teeth to come in but I know they are coming.  She has been running a low-grade fever and has been a little fussy and loves to CHEW.

Lyla stops wearing her brace full-time tomorrow (although I sort of started today for reasons I will explain in a bit).  This has been a long awaited moment for us.  She is like 2 pounds lighter without the shoes and braces and it just makes such a difference! We are SO excited!

Lyla is also really smart.  Many people have commented on it too, and it never gets old to me :)  I am constantly impressed with her.  She knows what she wants, who she is looking at, and everything.  She figures things out really quickly and is just developing really well. 

Lastly, Lyla recently has been rolling from her back to her tummy.  The weird thing is, she can't go from her tummy to her back.  So after a little while she gets fussy because she is stuck that way.  Anyway, she can't seem to stop rolling to her tummy and when she gets there she is trying SO HARD to crawl.  It is so cute.  There is a video below that will show you what I mean.  I started taking her brace off a day early (which I am sure is fine) because I think it will help her with rolling back over and to get a better grip when she tries to crawl.  Sometimes she will roll herself over in her crib then fall asleep that way and I don't know it until later... so I hope she will learn soon since they are not supposed to sleep on their tummy's.  I love this girl!

Some pictures lately...
Lyla trying to eat her shoelaces...

So determined...

On tummy time with a little drool...

Here is the video of her rolling over and trying to crawl.  She tries so hard!!!

Anyway, that is all for now.  We love our baby girl. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love this video and found it hilarious and incredibly true! Please watch, you'll be glad you did :) Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yep, that's right... I am stepping into the private blog community.  It's something I have thought about for a long time and kept going back and forth on.  So, after seeing watching yesterday's Oprah's episode on child predators through the internet, cell phones, etc., I have decided that I should probably take that step.  SO, if you would like to continue viewing my blog, please email me your email address at 


Thanks guys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Over 4 months old!

I can't believe Lyla is over 4 months old!  She turned 4 months on April 5th and I just love her more and more every day (I know every mom says that but it's true!)!  She gets out of wearing her brace full-time at the end of this month, which is something I have gotten pretty anxious about.  She just had her 4 month check up and got her immunizations.  She got one liquid immunization that she had to take orally and 3 shots in her legs.  She HATED it and once she let out that first scream (which was just screeching) the nurse looked at me really surprised and was like "Holy cow, that is a really loud scream!"  It was pretty funny.  Anyway, here are her stats: 
Weight: 13lbs 4oz (50%)
Head: 16.25in (50%)
Length: 25.75in (95%)

  • loves to go on walks
  • sleeps through the night
  • is teething
  • loves to chew on her hands and anything that comes near her mouth
  • loves to hang out with her daddy
  • can now play with toys using both her hands and will sometimes hold one item with one hand and play with another toy with the other!  She has been doing this for a while now so I'm pretty sure she is a genius :)
  • is very alert.  Many people have actually commented on how alert and awake she is all the time.  She has been this way for a couple of months now.  
  • is SO social! She loves to be sitting out facing everyone to get in on the action.  
  • just jabbers, jabbers, jabbers all the time.  It's pretty cute. 
  • has learned to scream.  I guess she has always known how to do this but I've never, EVER, heard a scream quite as loud as hers.  This has been a bitter-sweet thing... but mostly bitter when she uses it whens she gets upset and cries.  
  • is starting to fight falling asleep when she is tired
  • laughs.  It is music to my ears and can make my day better no matter how bad of a mood I may be in.
  • is starting to get eyebrows... well sort-of...
  • loves following me and Nate when we walk around the room.  
  • has the strongest abs!  Her brace is pretty heavy and she is constantly lifting her legs up in the air, putting them back down, back-and-forth, ALL THE TIME, non-stop!  Sometimes she'll even keep her legs up in the air just for fun.  She just kicks, kicks, kicks, all the time.  
  • poops a lot.
  • has a really strong grip.  She also grabs at anything in her reach.
  • hates tummy-time (which is mostly my fault)
  • hates to be bundled up.  She just wiggles her little arms out and kicks out of any sort of bundle.
  • has started to sleep with her hands in fists and behind her head, every night.  SO cute!
  • has awesome head control
  • drools
  • gurgles her spit, blows bubbles with it, and loves when Nate imitates the gurgling sound to her. 
  • is the cutest dang baby I've ever seen!

Here are a few pictures ranging from about 3.5-4 months.  

Lyla fell asleep on her play-mat. This is her sleeping position for naps.

My little gangster asleep after one of our walks.

Sitting up in daddy's hands.

Having fun squirming her way out of her carseat. 

Looking up at daddy.  

Cuddling with mom.

I put her in her sling for the first time (I had to take her brace off) and she LOVED it!

I just think she looks so cute in this sling!  It looks like she has no legs!

This picture is from the day we took her home from the hospital on her boppy... 

... and now look how much she has grown!

Her big baby blues. 

Eating her hand... as always.  Her pediatrician says it's part of her teething.

Hanging out with dad... she LOVES him to death!

Anyway, I just love this girl and she loves us!  She is awesome.

Monday, April 13, 2009


My awesome friend April invited me and a few of my friends to go to Oprah with her this last Thursday, April 9th.  Going to Oprah has been something I have wanted to do for such a long time and it was a blast!  We left to get there at 5:30am (SO early!!) to make the trip down to the city.  We got there early and there was already a line forming outside.  We stood in line, went through security (they removed all the pens in my purse and checked them... who know pens weren't allowed!), sat in a waiting room for about an hour, and finally got to our seats!  We sat near the back, which was fine because the studio wasn't that big.  The show was based on big stories that were on the news in the 90's.  I know... not what we were expecting either.  But it was actually really interesting and pretty dang funny at parts!  The shows guests were Tonya Harding and Lorena Bobbitt and both were there to tell their side of the story.  Each of us girls didn't really buy Tonya's story.  Her facts and timelines didn't match up and she never really directly answered Oprah's questions, which was annoying.  Oprah didn't say anything but I think she was sort of annoyed too.  Lorena was awesome.  She completely admitted everything she did and had a good sense of humor about it all.  She did say that she didn't remember actually cutting the guys thing off but she did say she remembers driving with it in her hand and the knife and she couldn't drive with both so she threw the man's precious jewels out the window.  A fireman went to look for it, actually found it, and took it to the hospital where they reattached it.  During commercial Oprah made some pretty funny jokes about all of that.  
And if going to Oprah wasn't a treat enough, she actually stayed after the taping and talked to us for about 20 minutes!  She just sat and gave us some words of wisdom.  Someone from the audience asked Oprah how her dog was and Oprah actually had someone bring her down.  She made a comment about her tail because that breed usually has their tails cut off but she didn't want to get it done on her pup.  While on the topic of cutting the dogs tail off, someone from the audience yelled out "Lorena will take care of it for you!" and we all, including Oprah and Lorena, laughed.  So we had a really good time.  Below are some pictures we took outside the studio since they wouldn't let us take camera's inside the stuido.   Thanks again April!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Almost Died

Okay, maybe I didn't almost die, but Lyla and I could have been seriously injured... Today I went to take Lyla to her 4 month check-up (I'll blog about that next post when I upload pictures) and I had forgotten her insurance card.  I had been in a rush this morning to get ready and flew out the door to make it on time so besides forgetting just her insurance card, I forgot to grab something to eat as well.  So we go home to go grab her card and on the way back I stop at Dunkin' Donuts' drive-thru to eat on the way.  As we continued on our merry little way I grabbed a donut from the bag and just as I was doing that, I noticed on the other side of the highway, a deer came out from the trees and started booking it across the highway and it was running fast and was going to be right in its way.  If I kept driving, the deer would have hit the front of my car and if I sped up, it would have hit the back end of my car.  I didn't want to be hit because 1) it would damage my car, and 2) I could have gone off the edge of the highway since there was a slope right there, I would have gone tumbling down.  After a split second of considering this I slammed on my brakes and and came SO CLOSE to hitting that stupid deer - I mean INCHES away and then it jumped over the side of the highway.   

I was TERRIFED!  Of course, I started shaking and was on the verge of tears but thought to myself that I shouldn't start crying until I pulled over.  I couldn't decide where to stop and was on the verge of breaking down.  Then I looked over to this man who pulled up to the side of me and looked like this :-O with his eyes and mouth wide open like "Holy cow, I saw the whole thing!" and then I realized that my face was exactly the same way his was, which somehow made me even more in shock.  So I tried calling Nate to have him comfort me... no answer. I called my brother Mike, no answer.  I called my mom, no answer.  I called my friend Lizzy, no answer.  Where was everyone!!??!!??  So I thought blogging was the best way to calm myself down a little.  And actually, Mikey just called me and so I just told him the story and he said "I bet that deer is going off to his friends saying ' I almost got eaten by a huge white lion!'"  Haha, Mikey always makes the stories a little better :)  

Anyway, that was my near death experience.  I am probably the only one who gets THIS freaked out over something like this but that's okay!  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Don't Want To Grow Up

I don't know if anyone feels the way I do but I think I am having somewhat of an identity crisis.  Part of me feels like I am so grown up and the other part is still clinging to my inner-child.  I think I really realized this when I got my calling in my ward as the Young Women's Secretary.  I LOVE that I got called to this.  However, I have realized that I probably should act a little more like a leader than a young woman :)  A couple examples.... 1) During one of the leader's lessons, I found myself slouching in my chair like the other young women, and 2) We went ding-dong-ditching for mutual and dropped off cookies at people's homes and I found myself getting really anxious/nervous/scared/excited during the whole process!  I even told the girls that they should try ringing the doorbell to the tune "Jingle Bells".  How obnoxious am I?!?!  It's probably time to start acting like an adult around the youth :)  Anyway, here is a little list of why I think I am still like a teen and an adult at the same time...

  • I am financially responsible (pay bills, budget, etc.)
  • I am a mom.  I love like a mother.  I take care of a baby all day, every day and I think I do a descent job at it.  I am sort of picky when it comes to parenting, especially when it comes to disciplining children, but I think I may be starting a little young for Lyla.  Sometimes when I am feeding her and she is laying on the boppy and she unlatches from me, she'll start crying because she wants more milk and I for some reason think it is logical for me to say "Lyla, you need to stop, this is not the way to handle things".  She isn't even 4 months yet.  Kelly=psycho. 
  • I am a homemaker.  I am learning to cook more meals.  I clean (not often enough).  I try to organize.  I like to do crafts (when I have the time and material).  I try to make the home a nice place for Nate to come home to so he can relax and enjoy himself.
  • I am not a die-hard in politics but I have found that I am caring more about it in general.  
  • I like the news.
  • I like to go on walks with Lyla while pushing her in her stroller.  A very mom-like thing to do.
  • The things you read about me and my calling.
  • I still like to sleep in.  If Lyla gets up at 7:30 to eat, I put her back down afterwards and sleep for a couple of hours (Hey, why not while I can!).
  • I still have and wear all my skirts from junior high and high school.
  • I still think the perfect day would be spent at the beach, swimming in the ocean, and doing nothing (which is something I loved doing in high school). 
  • When Nate wants to go to bed earlier than I would like while we are watching 24 or some other series, I pout about it until he gives in.  And when he doesn't give in, I throw a small fit to see if I can get my way.  (I am working on it :))  But come on, last night we had ONE EPISODE LEFT in Season 4 of the 24 series and it was like 10:45 and I tried to be a good wife by saying that he should go to bed and that I wouldn't be upset.  So he decided to go to bed, and I was appalled that he would do such a thing.  Needless to say, we watched the last episode.  I love you Nate!
  • I still go on little shopping spree's with my dad and I LOVE IT!  He buys me anything I need.
  • I have a little girl crush on Zac Efron.  (But who doesn't?  WHAT A HUNK!) 
  • I still see girls and women and wish I could be just like them "when I grow up" or at some point.  I still get intimidated by many of them too.
  • I still think my brother's friends (that are girls) are SO AWESOME and look up to them in many, many ways, but I still get intimidated when I talk to them.
  • I love  I go on the website every day (since I can't afford the magazine) and I catch myself up on the latest celebrity gossip.
  •  I still have and sometimes wear my retainer.
  • I LOVE the Twilight books.  The movie wasn't as good, but I still ended up liking it.
  • I still have all of my D.A.R.E. bracelets.
Well since I can't be the only who still acts like a teen in their adult life, tell me, what part of your inner-teen still comes out? (Did that make sense?)

Lastly, I think I could go on FOREVER with this post.  I am so child-like but I need to go be an adult now and take care of my baby. Sorry it's so boring with no pictures, but I'll post some soon!!