Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heather Ann Chapman

It has been about a month now since Heather passed away. It is sort of weird not having her here anymore and life has changed a lot for Scott and his kids. As a family, we really miss her. However, we are all happy that she is no longer suffering and we all know that she is much happier now. It is that knowledge that makes the whole grieving process a little easier. I have so much to say about my experiences with Heather while I was in California, but rather than tell all about it, I will just say... I am grateful that I was able to see/visit Heather for the last week of her life, be there when she passed, help dress her body, and be there for the funeral. I could not have planned my California trip better. I am also glad that Nate was able to make it for the funeral as well. I have to mention how awesome Scott and Heather's ward is. They had women coming in every day for the last week to bathe the kids and get them to bed, and another to sleep with Heather during the night so Scott could get some rest. And as soon as Heather passed, TONS of food was brought over for the family. They were also SO helpful at the funeral in serving food at the luncheon. Really, that ward is amazing.

Heather's funeral was beautiful. Her siblings spoke and they all did a really good job and they all had great stories to tell about Heather. Heather had great qualities about her and I think it was a good reminder for everyone to hear them at the funeral since she hadn't really been herself for a little while. But Heather was kind, funny, smart, shy, loving, righteous, beautiful, tall, creative, hard-working, a great mother, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter, very welcoming, a beautiful pianist, and so many more things. Here are some pictures from the funeral...

Part of the display at the funeral...
The Chapel...
Scott and his kids at the viewing...
Me and my big brother at the luncheon...
Me and Nate at the cemetery...
Heather was buried two plots away from my Grandma Ruth...
Hannah and Aaron at the cemetery...
Heather's parents. These two were there helping Heather since Day 1. I can't even begin to describe the huge help they were to Heather and Scott during this whole process. Even now, they are still helping take care of the kids during the day while Scott goes to work. Scott could not have asked for better in-laws.
Scott and my dad...
Scott, Hannah, and Aaron.

Heather, I love you and I miss you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa Jack

Happy 80th Birthday to this cute man...

I think it is only appropriate that I pay tribute to my awesome grandpa. Seriously, this man is a STUD. I don't think you could ever get a better grandfather than this man right here. I don't even know where to begin except for just listing off reasons why he is so great...
  • He is a total gentleman! I really admire the relationship he has with my cute grandma. He has filled up her car with gas every single time so she wouldn't have to do it (seriously, she has never filled her car up with gas)! He just takes care of her the way a man should take care of his woman. They are totally old-fashioned and I think it is adorable. Even the way he looks at her, you can tell he is just crazy about her. I truly admire their relationship.
  • He is smart. He has been successful in his businesses. He is always reading the paper and is very in touch with the economy. He doesn't make stupid decisions. And once he retired, he got so bored that he had to find hobbies to keep him busy and sane :) He is just a very smart man and a great worker.
  • He is very generous. He is always giving to those he loves and it is always much appreciated.
  • He is extremely friendly. My grandpa has SO many friends. Every one of my mom's friends, my friends, and my siblings friends who have met him just LOVE him. He has his church friends, his walking trail friends, his donut shop friends, the friends he made when he owned his gas stations, and many many more that I am probably not even aware of. He is just a very well-liked man.
  • He is really funny. He is always telling jokes and laughing at them afterwards. He hurt his finger a long time ago and he would always tell us grandkids that a shark bit it off. He is always laughing and just has a really great, light-hearted spirit.
  • He is very service oriented. He has been coming over to my mom's house EVERY TUESDAY for the past, I don't know, 15 years to do the laundry. He even used to do mine until I was really old enough to want to do my own laundry. And on the days that he did come, he would come pick me and my friends up at school and take us all out for Thrifty Ice Cream.
  • He cares about his health. He had open heart surgery a long time ago and his doctor said that if he walks every day then he would never see him again. So, my grandpa took that advice and has been walking about 3 miles every day since.
  • He loves me and my little family. I love that he is always telling me and Nate how great he thinks we are. It makes us feel so good and so loved. He LOVES our little Lyla. I asked them to babysit for a night when I was down visiting in California and when I came to pick her up, he was laying on the floor playing with her... and he's 80! He is always picking her up when she crawls in his direction and she just eats it all up. Lyla loves her Papa Jack.
  • Him, his house, everything. He graciously has my mom and Rik (and I used to go all the time too) over for dinner every Sunday and when we're having steak, he is always the man behind the grill. We always have the big holiday's at their home. Every Easter, my grandpa would hide TONS of egg's in his backyard and every year we would not be able to find a couple of them and he wouldn't remember where they were either. After that, he started handing over that responsibility to my brother's :) Seriously, I have SO many memories in that house. Particularly when I would spend the night at their house and he would come in my room in the morning and shout "RISE AND SHINE!"... something I HATED at the time but love the memory of it. He also used to take me and my cousins to the zoo all the time so we could ride the big elephant there.
There is SO much more that I could write about my Papa Jack. I am sure you all can tell just from what I wrote that this man is just great. For me, words cannot express just how much I love him. He has been there as a positive, and consistent influence my whole life and I really do think the world of him. I am blessed that he is my grandfather. I am grateful that Nate loves him just as much as I do, even though he has only known him for a few years. Happy 80th Birthday Papa Jack... WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When should I break up with my onesies (well, Lyla's)?

At what point do you stop putting your baby in just onesies? Seriously, I have no idea what age they should start wearing regular clothes. Lyla is still wearing onesies like... everyday. I see other kids her age or younger wearing a t-shirt with bottoms, socks, and shoes. Here is the thing... I LOVE onesies (especially Carter's). They are so EASY (quick to put on and with changing diapers). I know that she can't wear them forever. I guess I just need to be told how long it is "socially acceptable" for Lyla to be wearing these onesies all the time.

So, mom's, hit me with it... when should I stop being lazy and dress Lyla in regular clothes?

I know, I'm lame.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

HUGE California Post

So I'll just say right off the bat, I am going to have a separate post about Heather and her funeral and all that... but here is my post about my FABULOUS California trip.

I am SOO happy I came down to California and stayed an entire 2.5 weeks!! My trip could not have been planned more perfectly. I originally planned this trip around Labor Day MONTHS ago and I am so happy I did because I was then able to be here for the end of Heather's life. But since we are talking about all that in another post, I'll go ahead and blog about my AWESOME trip to California.

First off, I want to move back to California. I can't even tell you how much I love and miss my family. I hate coming home and realizing how much my nieces and nephews have grown. Seriously, it makes me sad that I have been missing out on so much. Second, Lyla loves being around family. She enjoyed getting to know everyone and they all loved getting to know her and hold her and all that good stuff.

I was able to do EVERYTHING I wanted to while I was there (with the exception of going to the beach, seeing one of my old friends, and, well, I think that's all!). So here is a little summary of what went on/highlights in sunny California in pictures...

Just a picture I like from Heather's funeral.

One of the highlights of my trip was seeing Rhett and the changes he has made in his life. My step-brother, Rhett, has been inactive in the church for a LONG time. Last time I was down (in February) he was not even near where he is now... he wasn't even attending church at all. Now, Rhett has been going to church every Sunday, has straightend his life out completely, has been passing the sacrament, is dating a nice LDS girl, and is just doing fabulously. I can't believe how much the gospel has changed him. He even LOOKS different. It's not just because he has lost some weight, but his countenance has changed and therefore he just looks different. He is a completly new person and I LOVE the changes I have seen in him. Seriously, I feel like I was getting to know him all over again. Anyway, about a week after I got there, Rhett was ordained and Elder. It was such an amazing experience to be there and I was grateful for the invitation. Before he was ordained, he was asked to bear his testimony and it was SO beautiful. He had the room in tears because the spirit that he emulated was SO strong. I couldn't be more proud.

Mike, Rhett, and Rik on Rhett's ordination day.

I was able to go to my brother Mike and sister-in-law's softball game. They actually did pretty well!! I also went to their last game of the season a week later where they lost on a technicality... it was frustrating and lame but they all did great anyway. I took it upon myself to be their "sports photographer" and practiced taking action shots of them and I had a blast. Anyway, here is their team photo, with Elvis as their mascot.

I got to see my cousin Jeff (who came home from his mission about a month ago). He looked SO good and I love the amazing changes that have occured in his life. He is totally different and it's all for the better :) I also got to see my cousin Leslie who lives in Texas, and we were able to have a good chat as well :)

Papa Rik, Ryann, and Zoey loved feeding Lyla (and playing with her food as well).

Lyla LOVES her Grandma Dana. One of her favorite things to do was to crawl all over her, grab her glasses, poke her eyes, and even give her kisses!!

It was pretty much a daily routine.

Lyla also loved my mom's "Polar Bear" blanket that she has on the foot of her bed. This is a great shot of her TWO teeth she now has. She cut her second tooth the day after we got there.

We also did a lot of swimming. Here is Lyla with Papa Rik. Lyla LOVED the spa.

Me and my "angel" baby.

Me and my cousin Amanda. She and her mom came for the holiday and for Heather's funeral and we LOVED getting to see them for a few days!

Amanda says she wants to find a man like Nate. I think it's because he has sweet synchronized swimming skills. Anyway, they had an entire routine and we have many pictures but this one is my favorite.

My mom's sink is the BEST for bathing babies!!! We bathed her in it every night. She loved it, we loved it, and it was great.

My husband is so handsome!! Here he is feeding Lyla.

We took a four generation picture. Louise Behling Larsen, Dana Larsen King, Kelly Chapman Wright, Lyla Elizabeth Wright.

My cool brother Mikey, me, and Lyla. We all have blue eyes but totally different shades.

Just a cute picture of Lyla.

The night before Labor day, I camped in the backyard with my 3 nieces, Ryann, Zoey, and Hannah. We had a blast! Before bed we all made s'mores around 11:30pm. My family rocks.

Us making s'mores.

Me, Ryann, Zoey, and Hannah... ready to camp!!! I know, I am SOOO white!

In the morning. The night before wasn't bad at all. Hannah was terrifed of these tiny bugs that you would never notice unless Zoey was picking them out. So I had to kill these little things and tell Zoey not to say anything when she found other bugs so we could all get to sleep! :)

Hannah's face in this one cracks me up. After we were all awake, we got to enjoy some good ol' donuts!!

So LABOR DAY!!!! Oh, how I love Labor day (well Labor Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day). This day is what I based my trip around. I actually chose to come down for Labor Day rather than Christmas because it is just one of my favorite traditions my family has. We always start our day off by playing over-the-line softball at the park by our house. We have the whole family, lots of friends, and really anyone else who wants to join.

This Labor day just happend to be my most successful over-the-line game yet. I caught 3 pop-flies/line-drives in the outfield AND got my FIRST homerun!! Now, getting a homerun means you have to hit it over everyone's heads and since they all decided to scoot up, I was able to knock it over their heads (barely:)).

Sweet picture of Nate catching the ball (though, sadly, it ended up slipping out of his glove just after)

Me, heading out to the field with my TEAM!

The other team chillin in the shade.

Lyla with some sweet shades on.

After over-the-line, we all head back to my mom's house to swim, have a BBQ, play ping-pong, make homemade icecream, etc.

Some of the kids in the spa.

Scott surfing.

I do have to mention that later that day my brother's and I, minus Mike, had an underwater torpedo throwing contest and I WON!!! I was on fire that day!!

My mom, enjoying watching everyone have fun.

Lyla chillin' on the surf board.

Lyla saw Nate with a bowl of ice cream and she just started to bolt. Notice Papa Rik's hand trying to grab her....

My little waterbaby.


Lizzy and I had some pretty sweet tanlines from playing over-the-line.

After we swam, ate, etc., we all headed back to the park to play some bocce ball. I didn't get to play because Aaron wanted me to push him on the swing. But here is a couple picture from there...

Here is my oldest niece, Ryann, watching Lyla. She did SUCH a good job playing with here while we were down. I can't believe how grown-up she is!

Lyla had her first experience on the swing. She loved it, then she hated it, then she loved it again.

Anyway, here are some highlights of the trip: Visiting with Heather and everything that followed with her; going out to eat with my dad; visits with my friends; seeing one of my best girl friends Tanne Brady after her mission (she is awesome); going to build-a-bear with Grandma Dana, Papa Rik, and Lyla to get her a bear with mom and Rik's voice in it; hanging out with my Grandma and Grandpa; Rhett's ordination; going to Mikey's games; all of Lyla's sink bath's; Nate coming in after not seeing him for 10 days; going to lunch with one of Nate's friends from childhood and then visiting with him and his wife on Labor day; going mini-golfing with Nate, my nieces, Scott, and Aaron and getting ice cream with them afterwards; getting to know my sister-in-law Jen a lot more this trip than I have in past trips; getting to see and spend time with my Aunt Sandy and cousin Amanda; having birthday pies; everything with Labor Day.

I was SOO sad to leave. Being down there for so long made me realize how much I missed my family. My oldest niece Ryann is starting junior high and I wish I could be down there to watch her go through all the experiences of it. I also wish I could be there for my brother's Scott. I know he is a big boy and can handle things on his own, but I wish I could be there to spend time with him. I guess I just worry about him and how he is going to do with this new and changed life he has while coping with the loss of his wife. I can't even imagine how he feels. I just wish I could be there to support him but he knows that he's got my love all the way from Chicago.

Here I am with Lyla on the plane ride home. She got fussy so I was soothing her.

Although I was sad to leave, I was also glad to be back so I could get back into a routine. It also helped that my FANTASTIC husband deep cleaned our entire townhome from the top to the bottom so I could have a fresh start when I came home. How lucky am I? I love that man feel so lucky that he chose me. My life is good.