Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Announcement...

Just a quick little update...

I guess since everything is all out in the open I can go ahead and announce that Nate and I are expecting our first child! I am 11 weeks along and our due date is December 12. We were really surprised when we found out but now we are SO excited!!! Now as long as I can get over this morning sickness then everything will be absolutely perfect!

Anyway, we hope everyone is doing well!!

Kelly and Nate

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just want to apologize to Brooke for not responding to her tag earlier. I really do read her blog but my internet has been down and I moved and I was sick. So, here goes....

I'm supposed to list 7 quirks/other things and then tag 7 people.
1. I can almost never correctly estimate the amount of time it takes me to get ready. It's something that drives Nate crazy but I have been doing so much better than I used to!
2. Things always have to be even for me. If I have a handful of M&M's, I cannot stand it if there are an odd amount of color's (ie. 2 blue, 2 green, 1 yellow!). It drives me nuts!
3. This may be TMI but I have a shower routine. Everything goes in order... rinse, shampoo, rinse shampoo out, condition, body wash, rinse body, then rinse conditioner out of hair. If I accidentally go out of order then I will more than likely start all over again.
4. I have a really bad habit of joining Nate when he's singing. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't start at a different key (because he is singing too low or the octave higher is too high) or I'll start at a different part of the song than he is singing... sort of like a row row row your boat round thing. I never realized I did that until he called me out on it! He's so good for putting up with me.
5. I find delight in small, very simple things. For example, if you buy the bag of generic honey combs then you will more than likely find several individual honey combs that look like a Jack O' Lantern.
6. I am a sucker for rock/punk/hard music. Every time I hear AFI, I just smile. Several people who have known me for a long time know this but for those who haven't known me from California wouldn't really know this since I have branched out in my music taste a little and don't usually wear my converse shoes anymore (which I still have and refuse to throw away). Now I just wear my rainbow sandals until my poor feet can't take it anymore when the snow comes.
7. I would consider myself to be pretty independent. I have a hard time with Nate opening my doors. Not that I don't like it, it's just I'm not used to such chivalry! He always likes to open my car doors and the doors at church and the places we go out to and when we first started dating I would always forget to let him open my door. Now, I remember 98% of the time, but the other 2% of the time I forget. Anyway, my husband is a gem and the only time I ever need to worry about my door is getting out of the car (I think it's bratty when girls wait for their dates to open their doors... no offense to anyone who does that :)

Okay... now for my tags. 1) Mikey 2) Jen Chapman (that's right... two posts for you guys!) 3) Jenny Clark 4) Kathleen Dunn 5) Tiffany Cox 6) Tasha Brown 7) Crystal Holdsworth

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What you missed...

Well I guess I need to defend myself for not posting in forever...
I actually wrote those post a couple weeks ago, but when I tried to actually post it, it got erased! But the reason we have been taking forever to post is because we were so busy with the end of our semesters and with finals and other things that we just didn't have the time to update anything. Anyway, I think I will be better but we'll see. So, here is what you missed since our last post.

1. Our internship search is still continuing with little side jobs here and there.
2. While I am still a fan of Brooke White, I do think that she needed to go before the Irish girl. Jason was the one that needed to leave, then Brooke, and then probably the Irish girl (I can't think of her name...) and tonight we'll see who gets eliminated between the two David's and Syesha. I think Syesha is gone though. I also predict that David Archuletta will win it all. He has such a strong fan base but personally, I hope that David Cook will win. I really like his style of singing and the sound of his voice. So we'll see how it pans out tonight!
3. Nate and I finished up with our semesters. Finals took up most of my time and I was really stressed out. Nate doesn't get stressed out too much and doesn't feel a need to put in all his time at the very end of the semester... and I guess he didn't need to since he got all A's! I ended up with A's and B's... which I'm not too sad about since I was taking a huge load. Anyway, finals are done and over with... YAY!
4. I am starting my online classes and holy cow, it is SO hard trying to stay on task!!! Let's just say I'm struggling to keep up with everything.
5. After our finals, Nate and I dropped everything and went to California to see my family!! It was SO much fun and I was missing them very much. We were able to see everyone and spend time with them. We also went to the beach and Nate got a sunburn on the back of his legs and blisters on his toes from running in the sand, haha... I can't take him anywhere! We also laid out in my backyard and played with my dogs (they are so cute!), we went to my nephew's baseball game and my nieces softball game, and we went and bought me some new rainbow sandals since mine were so worn out!! I had those sandals since my senior year and wore them ALL THE TIME and they were finally so thin at the toes that I needed new ones. Anyway, on my opinion, they are the best sandals ever. Everyone should get them.
6. We decided to move... but only one street over and so we will still be in the same ward and everything. Anyway, we found out our landlord was going to be raising rent and so we decided to get into a year contract now with something a little more affordable than what we will have to pay. There are some pro's and con's to our new apartment. Con's: it's not as "new" as our apartment, it doesn't have an automatic ice maker, the blinds aren't as nice, it doesn't have the nice tile we have, the bathroom mirror isn't as great as ours, and the toilet and sink are so low compared to ours (I'm just being picky :), and we have to buy a washer and dryer. Pro's: the family room and master bedroom are bigger, it comes with a storage unit, a covered parking space, and another assigned parking space, it's only $15 more a month, and our second bedroom can actually be used as an office rather than a storage place! So, although there are more cons than pros, the pros outweigh the cons.
7. We found out that 3 women in Nate's family are pregnant and are all going to have their babies by the end of the year!!! So basically, we're going to go from 8 nieces and nephews on Nate's side to 11!!! We are very excited for everyone and their upcoming additions to their families!
8. Nate has been on a diet. He is in a contest with his brother to see who can lose the most weight/body fat. They did it by measuring their BMI. The contest has been going for a little over a month and will end at our family campout over Memorial Day weekend. The consequence? The loser has to wear a speedo for 30 minutes. Boys boys boys.... My thinking is that we don't want to have to BUY a speedo so I automatically set several rules on Nate for his diet. He basically had to change his eating habits and his lifestyle to be more healthy. So far, he has done a great job and has been complying with almost every rule I made! Nate's family isn't really too to excited for the contest because no matter what, we all lose by having to see someone in a speedo. Anyway, may the best man win!
9. The Host by Stephenie Meyer came out and I am dying to read it!! I haven't been able to get it yet but it's probably sold out by now!
10. Now that summer is pretty much here, I LOVE making smoothies. They are so yummy and I will be drinking smoothies all summer long!
11. We went up to Idaho for to surprise Nate's mom for Mother's day. We had a wonderful time and didn't want to come home!

So, that pretty much wraps it up for the last little while. I'll be better at posting and I'm trying to change my blog background because it is absolutely hideous. See ya!