Sunday, December 16, 2012

Before I forget

I have SO much blogging to catch up on but I wanted to document this story before I forgot it.

Nate and I were in Virginia this last weekend for his sister Lizzie's graduation.  Today we all sang "Angels We Have Heard on High" in her branch (me, Nate, Lizzie, Becca, Mom and Dad Wright). We all stood up on the stand and began our song, while leaving the girls in their seats.

In the middle of the song, Ruby decides to come up on the stand with her little princess figurine, stood right in front of us and tried talking to us about her princess right in the middle of the song!  We just smiled and kept singing.  Then, Lyla thought being up there looked like a lot of fun!  So, she comes wandering up, stands in front of us on the edge of the stand and stares out at the congregation.  Everyone was kind of chuckling politely and I was laughing a little but kept on singing.  Then, Lyla stands on the step-stool that is also placed in front of us, turns toward us, and starts conducting our song and kind of perfectly on beat (this girl has some serious natural musical ability)!  By this point I had lost control and started laughing.  Luckily the group managed to continue the song and I jumped back in.  But man, that Lyla cracks me up!  She was so excited and looked so proud of herself.  I love that funny girl!