Monday, August 17, 2009

Worst clean-up so far...

Okay moms, what has been your worst clean-up your baby has created for you (bodily fluids aside)? Tonight, I had my first big mess from Lyla. Story below...

Tonight as I was preparing dinner, Lyla decided she wanted to play in the pantry. Usually when she does this, she just likes to pick at the plastic of the bag of rice or hit it or whatever. So, she was doing this very thing as I went put some chicken in the microwave, just having fun, minding her own business. 45 seconds later the microwave beeps and as I go to grab the chicken, I see Lyla is sitting in a HUGE pile of maple syrup (see below)....

She had somehow managed to unscrew the cap of the 64oz jug of maple syrup and tip it over in just that 45 seconds. She wasn't even playing with it before! I am amazed. So, I called for Nate, took some pictures because although it was a pain, it was really cute, he grabbed her to bathe her and I cleaned the mess. I'll just say, that much maple syrup is not the easiest thing to clean up. I had to use a rubber spatula and a dust pan. I am just grateful she did not make it to the carpet!

Hope your day was cleaner than mine!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chicago Air Show

Today we went to the Chicago Air & Water show. Although we did not see much of the water show, we weren't too disappointed because of the coolness of the air show.

Nate and Lyla on the shuttle (aka school bus) to North Avenue Beach

There, we met up with these cool people...

And these cool people...

Lyla was so terrified at how loud some of these fighter jets were. They were at a mach 3.5, which is appx. 2000 mph. They were really fast and really loud. Thankfully, our friends brought these sound-barrier earmuffs (I don't know the official name for them). Picture is a little blurry, sorry!

I LOVE this picture! After a while, Lyla got used to the headphones and started playing by herself, minding her own business.

These planes would fly up and then shoot back down and swoop back up again. They were awesome!

Getting close to the water.

A huge plane. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Overall, we had a really great time and we are glad we went!

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE... some cute pictures taken in the last week....

Lyla has her daddy wrapped around her little finger :)

"I know Glenn, what IS the deal with Obama's universal health care policy?!" Lyla is eating up every word :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So Happy

I just had one of the best weekends since we have moved here to Chicago. My dad and his friend came to visit Nate and I and we all got to stay in the city and enjoy only a fraction of what Chicago really has to offer! I will post more about it later but for now...

The fam and the city.

Lyla and Papa Brian. Such a cute moment!!

Like mother, like daughter?

Lastly, my dad bought me an early birthday, Christmas, birthday 2010, and Christmas 2010 present! I asked him for this camera as an early present for my digital photography class I am taking in the fall. How lucky am I? I LOVE my camera and I get the BEST photo's out of it!! Thanks Dad, I LOVE it!!!!!