Sunday, June 21, 2009

past couple of weekends...

Here is what happened the past couple of weekends....

Starting with Lyla, of course :)......

I found Lyla like this one night...
Chillin on the lounge chairs...
We bought Lyla a jumper from a neighbor...

Our good friends Steele and Amanda came to see us on their way driving to DC. They stayed the night with us and so we decided to treat them to real Chicago pizza!

Look at that cheese!!

Good buds...

Tired Amanda...

The next night, we had a big dance festival for our stake's Youth Conference. Our ward did swing and they were the BEST! Here is our little fam at the shin-dig.


This last Thursday was Nate's 25th birthday. To celebrate his birthday AND Father's day, we went to Medieval Times and we had a BLAST! The whole place was really cool and everyone was in the Medieval spirit. The food was DELICIOUS and they make you eat it without utensils. We were assigned to root for the Yellow Knight and boy did we (well I) have some serious knight pride. I was screaming for him with every piece of energy I had and it was all worth it because he ended up winning the tournament! Side note: This was also our first date without Lyla since she was born!! The weather was awful (tornado and flash flood warnings with pouring rain!) but we were determined to have our date!

The next day, I went to a baby shower for my friend Jill (yes, I wore the same shirt as the night before :))...

Then came home and went to the pool with the family and some neighbors...

That is our building behind Nate. I love this picture of these two. Lyla looks like such a snob :)

Exhausted after being in the pool for 20 minutes.

Later that night we went to a Mandarin restaurant that puts on a show. This guy was making noodles. I didn't take a picture of the whole process but I wish I would have. It was awesome.

Last, today is Father's Day. Here are my two favorite people!

I just have to say that I have the best husband EVER! He makes my life better. He puts up with all of my weaknesses (which are many) and he is always so patient with me with how slowly I try to fix them. He makes me laugh, he works hard, is a GREAT father, and he is just a good man. Today wasn't much of a father's day for him. I was making dinner and he was helping when I accidently added an ingredient at the wrong time, a small mistake that turned into something else... I selfishly got upset over some stuff and had a little breakdown (you know when those emotions all build up and then explode after a small mishap?). To make a long story short, he finished dinner for me while watching Lyla and when I was ready he gave me nothing but words of encouragement, understanding, and love. I felt so bad for making his Father's Day about me but he was nothing but understanding. I seriously have the BEST husband ever! Anyway, besides my little breakdown, we just had a great time the past couple of weekends. I love my man!

Next up, this Saturday we leave for Yellowstone with the Wright family... SO excited!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. This is by far one of my favorite shows ever and last night's show just proved to me again why I watch and look forward to it every season. This years top 20 is UH-MAZING!! I can't even decide who I like best... or least because they are all SO good! What do you guys think? Who was your favorite?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's so Skinny!

Lyla is 6 months. I know, it went by REALLY fast. She is doing so many new and fun things. Here is a small list.

  • She jabbers all the time and hums when music is playing.
  • She gives hugs and will sometimes dig her fingernails in my neck.
  • She gives kisses, which are more like dog kisses because she grabs my face and then licks it and then turns away, all the time. It's cute and gross at the same time.
  • She is almost crawling. She can get herself to pretty much whatever she wants to get herself to by scooting/army crawling, or a 1-2 stride crawl and then her face plant. She does get on all fours now and rocks back and forth so she is just about there. We need baby gates.
  • Is getting better at sitting up (but hasn't quite perfected it).
  • Has started solids.
(Sorry for the old picture, I couldn't find my camera cord)

Anyway, today we had her six month check up and here are her stats:
  • Head: 17in (50-75%)
  • Length: 27in (90%)
  • Weight: 14lbs 2oz (10-25%)
She basically gained .8lbs since her 4 month check up, hence the title of the post, my ethiopian baby! She should weigh more than that, especially since she is so long! I basically feel like a terrible mom and that I am starving her (though she doesn't act like it). Since Lyla is so mobile and just moves all the time, she is burning more calories than she is taking in (which she is still almost all breastmilk). So the doctor said I really need to push her to eat more solids. I swear I feed her all the time and she sleeps pretty well at night and she is smart and mobile and happy... she just isn't gaining enough weight. Kelly=bad mom!