Monday, September 22, 2008

I Love Girls Nights!

Last Friday I had a girls night with my two cousins, Val and Leslie, and two of their old roommates! It was so much fun!

Cousins: Leslie, Val, and me!
Above: The Girls!

Thanks for a fun night girls!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Little update

We just had an ultrasound on Thursday and it was SO amazing! I didn't get my profile picture, but we did get to see her face and we saw her yawn TWO times and she kept opening and closing her mouth while sticking her tongue out. It was the cutest thing ever! She also has a comfort position... she loves to have her hands up by her face. That's where they were last time and that's where they were this time. We tried for like 15 minutes to get her to move them and she wouldn't budge!

Also, I'm 27 weeks. Holy cow! I am officially about 3 months away from my due date. I just know these next few months are going to fly by! We are getting quite prepared though. A little over a week ago we bought a dresser and a crib for the baby's room. They both match and are a deep cherry color wood, and they are both absolutely beautiful. The dresser has 4 deep drawers on one side and a cabinet on the other side that has shelves in it, so it will store EVERYTHING from diapers to blankets. I was so excited! We got them both used from a couple in Salt Lake, and we got an awesome deal! So now, our baby stuff includes: a crib, a dresser, a stroller, a car seat, a bassinet, a glider, and a play yard.

Nate's sister Rachel just had her 2nd baby boy, named Cameron! Also, Nate's brother Joe and his wife Naomi just had their baby last night! It's a boy and his name is Layton. Congrats to them both! Also, if any of you know my brother Mike, check out his blog post entitled "the other day". If you don't know him then you may not want to look at his post because you won't understand it the way other people who know him do. A little warning, it's slightly crude but I think it's his funniest post yet!

My birthday was a little over a week ago. Nate was so sweet and took me out to Brick Oven for dinner the day of. Later that evening was when we bought the crib and dresser. We had the actual birthday celebration last night and he took me to Cheesecake Factory! It was SO yummy and it was a ton of fun. He also let me buy a really nice flat iron because I just got a new hair cut and need one for it and mine burnt out forever ago. Then my birthday present is a mini shopping spree, which I have not taken yet because I can't decide what to spend my money on!

Is such a great husband! He was a HUGE help to me when I had enrichment the other night. He was there helping me set up and organize. He also stayed with me during the whole thing, helping with random things, he also helped baby-sit the kids whose mom's were busy with the activity. He even stayed afterwards and helped me clean up! He really was such a great help since I was feeling really tired, stressed, and pregnant. I really love the fact that I can count on him for anything and I know he does all of this because he loves me and wants to make me happy. Anyway, sorry for the little lovey-dovey rant about Nate but he has just been so great lately. I definitely scored big time in marrying him. :)

I'll post pictures soon, I promise!