Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss LEW

I am so behind on blogging I don't even want to think about it. I still need to post about when I went to Nauvoo (over a month ago), our trip to DC, and other stuff. But life happens and blogging tends to be put on hold.

Anyway, I'm gonna talk about all the crap my sweet Lyla has been going through. Seriously, this girl has had a rough summer!

First, she had what seemed to be ENDLESS diaper rashes that were just all up in her grill. Not fun

Second, after all those rashes cleared up and things seemed to be going well, she ended up coming down with a regular staph infection. All in all, this little infection resulted in 2 doctor visits and 2 ER visits. After trying several different ways of treating it and her being on antibiotics, she ended up developing a huge boil on her leg. And since it was the weekend, we called the doctor on call and they told us to get her into the ER and get it taken care of immediately. So my poor sweet girl had to get her boil lanced. It was painful and traumatizing. Nate and two nurses had to hold her down (she is strong!) while the doctor did her work and I sang to her while she looked at me like "How could you let them do this to me!". It was rough. Since she was pretty traumatized, they gave her a popsicle. I think Nate and I deserved a popsicle, too.

Isn't this the saddest face you've ever seen?

And doesn't she look cute in her little hospital gown?

I am happy to report that things are all cleared up with the staph.

And lastly, Monday morning at 3:??AM, Lyla woke up with a fever. It wasn't terrible but it was 100.5ºF and you could tell she didn't feel well. She wouldn't take any milk or anything so we just gave her Tylenol and put her back to bed. When we got her in the morning it was at 100ºF. As the day went on, she still wasn't eating or drinking anything and her temperature climbed to 101 and then after her nap to 102. She was MISERABLE! I had no idea what was going on and I was extremely anxious. Luckily I had already scheduled a doctors appointment and I took her in that day. They said she had "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease". Sounds nasty, right? Pretty much, she has a ton of sores in her mouth and throat (like canker sores), which explains not wanting to eat. Some kids get blister like sores on their hands and feet as well. But luckily Lyla doesn't have that. There is nothing to do but let it run its course (should be about 7-10 days). And she's really contagious to other little kids so I'm really hoping she didn't give it to the other kids in nursery the day before. More than likely they won't know until a couple more days. Either way, there is no way we could have known. And I'm glad I don't know how or who she got it from because I am sure I would end up not liking them very much.

Anyway, so now Lyla is battling her fevers and is having to endure the course of all the sores in her mouth. I didn't even see any sores until yesterday and they look painful! She is hungry. She tells me what she wants to eat, then takes a bite of it, and you can tell it hurts her. So when I ask her if she wants more, she so sweetly tells me "no" while shaking her head and looking so disappointed. It breaks our heart! Only a few things will satisfy her, like multigrain cheerios and popsicles. And Ibuprofen has been our life saver. Luckily with the pain killers she is starting to eat a little more and her fevers are being maintained, which leads to a happier Lyla and therefore a happier mommy :)

And since she's been sick, when her daddy comes home she just takes one look at him and starts crying. Usually she would start laughing and immediately go and hide so he can go find her. But you know when you're having a really hard time and you are trying to stay strong and all these emotions get bottled up, and then you see that one person who you've wanted to talk to and you can't help but let it all out? That's exactly what it's like for Lyla with her dad. She just starts crying when he holds her and she gets it all out and then they play. It really is the sweetest thing!

This was when we were in DC and I love this picture of Lyla. She was trying to get our friend Ciera to smell the flower she is holding. Her face is her "sniffing", indicating that is what she wanted Ciera to do :)

TODDLER BED UPDATE: I know some of you said you wanted updates...

She is doing great. It was a little rough at first because we had no railing and she would fall out a couple of times during the night, which I expected and thought it was sort of inevitable. I think it was a little rough on her though because she wears her brace at night that keep her feet locked in a certain position. And then one morning we went in and got her and she had a fat lip and a little blood blister of sorts on her bottom lip. You can see it a little in the picture above that was taken a few days afterwards. So, after feeling like horrible and mean parents, we went out and bought her a toddler bed rail to avoid such accidents. Since then things have been great! From the beginning of all of this, she has not tried to climb out of her bed once. When she wakes up in the morning, she just sits there until one of us comes and gets her. And she just seems like she is loving it. So, all in all, I'm glad we made the move and that we are officially transitioned. And we'll probably take the bed rail off when she is a little older and possibly when she doesn't have to wear her brace anymore.

That's all for now!