Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Be In Labor, Or Not To Be... What is my body doing?!

Well here's a small update. A little over a week ago I finally figured out what Braxton Hicks contractions felt like and realized I was having them a ton! I had been feeling them increase the past week and was feeling a little "pelvic pressure". I wasn't in any pain and my baby had been moving a lot so I wasn't really that worried. Tuesday, I decided to call my doctor since my next appointment wasn't for another week and they told me that I needed to go into labor and delivery.

I don't know what I was expecting but that definitely wasn't what I thought they would say. Anyway, long story short... I had been having contractions every 2-3 minutes (I thought I was only having like 4 an hour) and I was dilated to a 2 and was effaced 70%!!! At that point I was only 34 1/2 weeks along, and I am pretty much 35 weeks now. They did say though that babies born around 34 weeks or later generally do fine and they wouldn't do anything to prevent labor. So, what happened was that I was dehydrated, which caused me to have more contractions. They gave me a bunch of fluids to slow them down... which they did, but then they increased, then decreased again, and back and forth. So finally, after my 3rd bag of fluids I had slowed and they rechecked me and I hadn't dilated any further... so I decided to go home.

They said that I could either have my baby any day now, or I could have her around my due date. So there really is no telling. They also gave me a few precautions to follow. My biggest concern is Nate. Right now he is in San Francisco for an interview and will be back tomorrow... but then he will also be gone next Thursday for another interview and will be back Friday. I am just hoping and praying that I don't go into labor when he is gone... I would have a REALLY hard time with that. For now, I am just going to work on getting things ready for the baby in case she does come early so we can be as prepared as possible.

Anyway, I have another appointment on Monday so I will keep you posted!


Chelsea Beauchamp said...

Woa there, that's exciting stuff! Way to cause some suspense! I guess your gal is excited to join you! I'll be praying that everything works out for you... especially that she waits for Nate to be around.

Erin and James said...

that is sooo crazy! you could be a mommy any day now! I am sooo excited! Weird that you are dialated and walking around, I keep thinking that the baby is just going to slide out when I hear that! I am excited, and I'm sure she will wait for her daddy to be there!

Shamaine said...

Crazy, I think I would be really scared. Labor actually really scares me. Good luck with everything, and I hope Nate will be able to be there. I would have a really hard time if Dave wasn't there for me.

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

That is crazy! I actually had major Braxton-Hicks and bad back pain in my last about 5-6 weeks, but never ended up going to the hospital to check it out and my doctor just told me that it was normal for some women...which totally sucked because they continued all the way until the REAL labor pains came and I didn't go into labor until 3 days before my due date. Try not to worry as hard as it may be to not (I know that "uncertainty" is never fun though). I'm sure that everything will be alright and I bet that Nate would figure out a way to get to you asap even if he was gone at the time. I was in labor for 30 hours so you never know...there may be PLENTY of time! :) Try to just relax and not stress about things too much, and just be excited that she is almost ready to come! Everything will turn out just fine. I'll say a little prayer for you! :)

brooke & tyler said...

How exciting! I can't wait. You really never know. The day Katelyn was born I went into my doctors appointment only to be told I was at a strong 2. The doctor said he's see me next week. That afternoon I started having contractions and Katelyn entered our lives.
I really hope the baby does wait for Nate though. Good luck to both of you! And we'd better see pictures soon, Nate, because I'm sure Kelly will need some rest.