Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's so Skinny!

Lyla is 6 months. I know, it went by REALLY fast. She is doing so many new and fun things. Here is a small list.

  • She jabbers all the time and hums when music is playing.
  • She gives hugs and will sometimes dig her fingernails in my neck.
  • She gives kisses, which are more like dog kisses because she grabs my face and then licks it and then turns away, all the time. It's cute and gross at the same time.
  • She is almost crawling. She can get herself to pretty much whatever she wants to get herself to by scooting/army crawling, or a 1-2 stride crawl and then her face plant. She does get on all fours now and rocks back and forth so she is just about there. We need baby gates.
  • Is getting better at sitting up (but hasn't quite perfected it).
  • Has started solids.
(Sorry for the old picture, I couldn't find my camera cord)

Anyway, today we had her six month check up and here are her stats:
  • Head: 17in (50-75%)
  • Length: 27in (90%)
  • Weight: 14lbs 2oz (10-25%)
She basically gained .8lbs since her 4 month check up, hence the title of the post, my ethiopian baby! She should weigh more than that, especially since she is so long! I basically feel like a terrible mom and that I am starving her (though she doesn't act like it). Since Lyla is so mobile and just moves all the time, she is burning more calories than she is taking in (which she is still almost all breastmilk). So the doctor said I really need to push her to eat more solids. I swear I feed her all the time and she sleeps pretty well at night and she is smart and mobile and happy... she just isn't gaining enough weight. Kelly=bad mom!


Ashley Comeau said...

Don't ever think that! I had the same problem with Rees but he is thriving and happy still. Some kids are just smaller than others. Everything will work out in the end, especially since we know you are a great momma! We are glad everything else is going well!

Tyler, Brooke and Katelyn said...

oh my gosh, i really hope you're joking! you are not a bad mom at all. katelyn spent most of her first year and some of her second below the 5% in weight and i know she was eating just fine too. and you can tell your daughter is not being starved. she looks and acts healthy.
btw:we still need to get together. i've been meaning to email you.

Jen Low said...

I love that picture of Lyla, it looks like she got some of her mom's sweet sass in that photo :)

I think Charlotte and Lyla are complete opposites because Charlotte is only in the 20% for height and in the 90% for weight. The doctor was like "wow she's short and fat!" Isn't that every girls' dream? haha. I wouldn't worry about it. If Lyla was going hungry she'd let you know!

I can't believe she's almost crawling already! What a smarty.

Traci and Brian said...

Audrey was in the 90th percentile at 4 months. I think she's over 17 pounds now. I have fatty milk. What can I say?

Here Dwells Happiness said...

Sorry she isn't gaining like you want. Don't feel bad - every baby is so different and if she acts content I wouldn't worry. She is such a cutie.

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, & Max said...

You are so not a bad mom. Some babies are skinny and some are chubby. Lyla got blessed with the skinny genes and will be so happy for that when she's a teenager. By the way...I love the swimsuit!

Erin and James said...

so funny that brady takes her out in head size, weight and same length, don't worry i have an ethiopian baby too! she is sooo dang cute, i can't believe how big she is getting!