Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Red Chair

The other day I went to the Museum of Science and Industry with some girlfriends and our kids (I'll probably post about that later). We let the kids play in a little "Kid Zone" and this is where Lyla found her favorite thing... a little red chair...

(I love that her right eye is squinted more than her left. She does this often)

Out of all the awesome things to see at the museum, she love this chair the most. If she wasn't playing in the water, she was sitting in it, experimenting positions, and treating the chair like it was her throne. She was happy. The chair was happy. And I was happy. It was a good day.


Michael and Shelley said...

That is too cute!!

Rach said...

It seriously doesn't get any cuter than that. Man, she is adorable!
It makes me miss you guys so much. Please give little Ly a big hug from us! We miss her!

Candace Wright said...

Looks your own little goldy-locks found a chair that was "just right." Too cute!

Bruce and Renee said...

Your "chair" story reminded me of a fun experience we had with chairs years ago:

When Brad and Val were little we went to the LA Children's Museum. While there, they discovered an area that had brightly colored, uniquely scaled furniture which reminded us of cartoons. All of the children were encouraged to sit on, climb on and otherwise abuse the furniture. Imagine our surprise when, some time later, we saw the same pieces in Mickey and Minnie's house at Toon Town! Disney had used the museum as a test site for their design and paint choices on the furniture.

Perhaps the chair Lyla liked is a prototype for a toy manufacturer? And maybe it will be available soon for purchase; you never know.