Saturday, March 13, 2010

the many faces of lyla & 15 months

Lyla can make the craziest faces we have ever seen and they just crack us up! Don't get me wrong, we think she is absolutely ADORABLE, but sometimes she just looks plain ol' goofy... or psycho looking. I think it's her eyes. Almost always, one eye will be squinted more than the other, or they just have a mind of their own. Anyway, lately I've been taking pictures of me and Lyla and she loves looking at them afterwards and so she somehow has learned to smile at the camera when I take the picture... or at least attempt to. Wow, that was a long and horribly structured sentence. K, here is some of the crazy fun we've been having lately...

Please excuse my nastiness (I know, I look horrendous. Poor Nate has nightmares about days when I look like this.). I don't feel the need to explain myself. Anyway, this was just a cute one of Lyla's cheesy smile.

Okay, seriously? Haha!!

Trying to brave the flash...


Okay, so these pictures are after her bath and Nate decided to give her a crazy "do". I think this is a cute picture of us.

Look at those HUGE eyes!

Notice one squinted more than the other... always her right eye. Nate says I squint my left eye. It might be true but I am in denial.

This picture just makes me laugh. She looks like she has been smokin' pot. Or just had a really surprising sip of a carbonated drink.

IIIIIIII'm pretty sure she's pooping in this picture. At least she looks like it :)

Here is what Lyla is up to at 15 months...
  • She is officially a walker (for about a week or so now) and boy do they really take off when they start walking! I thought she took off when she started crawling but this is a whole different ball game!
  • She is getting better at her words and really understands a lot. But for now she mostly just sounds like she is babbling.
  • Sleeps 12-14 hours/night and takes one 3-4 hour naps during the day. I know, I am lucky.
  • Has a TON of teeth.
  • Is SUCH a happy baby.
  • Loves to cheese it up to get strangers and friends alike to smile and talk to her.
  • Loves playing with friends but she could be better at not playing with toys that other kids are already playing with (We're working on that)
  • Loves to give and blow kisses, give hugs, wave, copy the conductor at church, raise her hand for sustainings and releasings during church, clap, read books, give zerberts, and play with mommy and daddy.
  • She'll eat anything you give her but it seems that she doesn't enjoy greasy foods.
  • Yell at us when she gets frustrated (another thing we're working on).
  • Swinging on the swings at the park.
  • And many more...
She is still tall and skinny. I think her stats were...

Weight: 22 lbs 4 oz (25%)
Height: 32 1/8 inches (90-95%)
Head: I forgot but she was in 75%

Anyway, we're working on transitioning her to a sippy cup over her bottle. She can drink from it but she doesn't seem to like it so she won't take very much . Does anyone have any suggestions for good sippy cups?

Okay I think that's all. Goodnight!!


Jeff and Kira said...

hahaha those pictures are hilarious! You guys have such a cute little family and it sounds like you have so much fun together :)

Candace Wright said...

I love the picture where you said Nate gave her crazy hair. But seriously, you can't see her hair unless you're really looking for it, but it's a gorgeous picture of you two gorgeous girls! (Like mother, like daughter) Missing you! Thanks for the update.

Erin said...

how hillarious is she! what great faces! she totally looks like you, and ya you do squint one of your eyes!!! so dang adorable!

Hand In Hand said...

What a cutie! She looks like so much fun! Great pictures!

Camille and Bryce said...

Love it! I have never noticed the squinty cute! She is such a cuddler!! :)

Hand In Hand said...

PS- I have something for you on my blog!

abby said...

hahaha! lyla, you are cracking me up. but don't worry, i do the eye squint thing too!

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

What a funny girl! She is such a doll!

Valerie said...

I think I squint one of my eyes when I smile, too. Must be a Chapman thing :)