Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I may be biased, but I think my baby is just down right hilarious! She isn't even born yet and she has already got loads of personality! She probably has no idea what she's doing but it seems like everything she does is intentional. Here are the reasons why...

1) Well this isn't so funny, more sweet than anything. When we went to our ultrasound and found out about her clubfeet, I was really bummed because I couldn't get a profile picture because she was facing my spine, showing us her back side. When we found out that clubfeet could be related to some spinal defects, we were so grateful that with her position we were able to get a really good look at her spine. Such a blessing in disguise because I know now that I would have been freaking out even more if we just had an "okay" view.

2)This is sweet and funny. She has been kicking up a storm! The kicks became so strong beginning in my 20th week, which let me know that she is really able to move her legs. I mean seriously, you can see my stomach moving and everything! I just really feel like she's trying to let me know that everything is going to be okay.
The funny part of this is that every time I lean forward when I am sitting down, the little girl we love so much just kicks and punches until I straighten up and give her more space... the ATTITUDE she has!! Furthermore, Nate went to hold my hand the other day and had his arm resting across my belly and she decided to kick his arm until he moved it! For some reason, this is absolutely hilarious to me. Can you imagine when she gets bigger?!! What will happen when I wear a pair of pants and she doesn't like where the waist band sits? We're going to see full on fists flying out at anything that makes her feel a little less comfortable. I might not think it's so hilarious then, but really... the attitude is great!

3) I'm pretty sure she knows where my bladder is and thinks it's funny to step, hit, or nudge it in any way. Today, I almost lost bladder control about 20 times during school. I'm just sitting there, taking my test when all of a sudden I could swear that I was going to pee my pants in front of everyone! It's like she has found a new pillow or toy that she just can't get enough of. Needless to say, I have had to make several bathroom trips to avoid any accidents that may come my way. And yes... I know it will only get worse.

Anyway, we're feeling much better about her and her situation and I feel like I can tell she has some personality already coming out. It's getting me so excited for her to be here!!


brooke & tyler said...

The kicking just gets better and better as they get bigger. It gets to the point where you can nudge your belly with your finger and you will see an elbow, foot or whatever slide across your belly. Such a neat experience for you and Nate. We used to spend a lot of time poking my belly.

Elena & Alan said...

I agree with Brooke- it only gets better. I remember sleepless nights because of Natalie inside, who was perfectly awake and kicked like crazy. I could see her little tiny feet poking out all the time. It was cute. So have fun, Kelly!