Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Progression

I'm really glad I have been taking progress pictures of my belly. It has been so much fun to watch! Anyway, here is the progression of my pregnancy so far.

14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks
20 weeks (or close to it)

24 weeks

I feel like I am growing so much more quickly now! I look back at the earlier pictures when I was so convinced I was showing. I will say that I WAS showing, but compared to what I look like now, that was nothing! I know I'll only be getting bigger.

As for the baby, she is kicking up a storm!!! I first felt her move at 14 weeks but it was really really faint. Starting at 20 weeks, I starting feeling her kick SO STRONGLY! And now, she has only gotten stronger! I can honestly see my stomach moving when she moves and Nate has even been able to feel her kick that strongly since 20 weeks! I think I just have a really strong baby and it will probably hurt toward the end. I'm just praying for no broken ribs!

Nate and I are doing well. We're both busy working. He is getting ready to start school again soon and is beginning to prepare for interviews for recruiting season this fall. We're both excited, anxious, and nervous. The next couple of months will be very very busy and will just fly by! We love this time of our lives and how we are just living so spontaneously! Life is good!


Erin and James said...

i love your belly, its soo cute and little! i love the polkadot top also! you are adorable prego!

Abby said...

you are cute. maybe you have a little renesmee inside you.

Jeff and Crystal said...

Kelly! You are so Cute! We should get together when Tasha gets back and catch up! I'm going to miss you this semester at school but I am so Excited for you to have your Baby!

The Clarks said...

are you sure you have a baby in there? I'm envious of your tiny body! LOL! I'm so excited for you! Hey, I'm going to visit Utah Sept 8-12. I would love to see you. It's just going to be me and the kids.

Michael and Shelley said...

Not only does your belly grow but your hair gets longer too! Why did I notice that? Anyways you look so darling!

brooke & tyler said...

I hope you don't have a Renesmee inside you. Weird.
It's fun to see the progression. You look cute.

David & Natalie said...

hi's been a while, right? you look great, i love finding old friends on blogs!

Traci & Brian said...

Less than 100 days to go!!! WAHOO!!!!!
We miss you guys. If you ever have time to do something, CALL US!

Michael and Shelley said...

Oh my gosh! I just looked at your picture of what your baby looks like now and it's hard to believe that your baby is actually so big and formed now!

Jeremy & Audrie Williams said...

I like the progression pics! Very cute.

Chelsea Beauchamp said...

I've decided that you are the cutest pregnant girl ever. You skipped the whole "just look chubby" phase and just had the cute baby bump!(as Ryan likes to call it) Congrats on being 27 weeks - man does time fly! COngrats!!!!