Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Do I Change My Blog?

I have seen so many cute blog backgrounds on friend's pages and I have no idea how they change them or where to find them.  Kathleen Dunn Himber did my blog and she made the thing by herself... I definitely do not have that talent.  And I don't want to have to keep asking someone else to do my blog for me.  SO... where do you all find your cute blogs?!?!


Stew, Kira, and Kylee said...
This address is where you find the cute backgrounds and they are free just click on the one you want and scroll down to the bottom and there is some programing text that you need to copy. Then go to your layout section in your customize section of your blog. Add the html application to the bottom box of your layout page. In the text box of you html paste the programing text there. (you need to make sure your base layout is the minima). call me if you need more help. I still have the same phone number.
To get the cute headers you can go to and make them for free and then you have to publish what you made. Then in their file pull down click on export as a jpeg. Save it to your computer. Then go back to the layout page and click on edit header. Erase everything but the title. Make sure you click on shrink to fit and then add the jpeg as you would add a picture. Again call if you need help or comment on my blog and I will try to help some more.

Shamaine said...

Hey, I was going to tell you about the same website...but I see you've already figured it out! Very cute.

Stew, Kira, and Kylee said...

You can change the font color on the same place of the layout screen. sometimes changing the color of the fonts makes it easier to read.