Tuesday, January 13, 2009

unmotivated to set goals... and a quick update

Sorry, I don't have pictures to go with this one.

With the new year starting, or I guess it already started, most everyone reflects on things they would like to do better for the coming year and they decide to start at the very beginning of the year. This year has just not been that way for me. In my mind I felt like I should make New Year resolutions but for some reason I just was not motivated to do it! Since Lyla was born in early December, I spent most of that month adjusting to motherhood. Then we traveled during Christmas and New Years and before we got back from vacationing, we accepted the job in Chicago. So now we have been so focused on moving and making all the arrangements and have even started to pack up our apartment. I've just been so out of a routine for over a month now that I feel like I can't even begin to THINK about realistically setting and starting new goals. I have been feeling really guilty about this and the fact that I don't even have a motivation at this point to start a goal. However, I do want to start my New Year resolutions on March 1st.

Goals I have in mind:

Eat Healthy - I have a really hard time eating all 3 meals a day with snacks in-between. I have an even harder time making all my meals healthy. I did eat a little healthier when I was pregnant but I think I have gotten lazy again and I can really tell that it has affected my nursing. Apparently (I guess I should have known this) if you don't eat all of your meals with snacks in-between, it can affect the quantity of milk your baby gets. Unfortunately I have already seen this negative affect, so I am officially starting this goal a little early.

Regular Scripture Study - I am SO bad at this and always have been. I have experienced the difference in myself when I do read my scriptures and when I don't yet somehow I STILL have a really tough time with this one.

Keeping a Clean House - Nate and I both struggle with this one. This one, like scripture study, is another where I feel really good when the house is clean and I feel really good about myself when I clean the house, yet again I STILL somehow let the house get messy way too often.

Exercise Regularly - I just need to and want to.

Read More Often- I love when I am able to get into a good book. I really liked the Twilight saga and Nate and I have been listening to the Harry Potter books on tape, which we have absolutely LOVED. Anyone have any suggestions?

I think that will conclude my list of goals. I can't do too many or else I won't do any of them!

As for a quick update...
Lyla is doing good. She is starting to slowly get into the smile phase where she actually smiles at things she likes (rather than just smiling at nothing in particular) which is SO fun! She also LOVES to cuddle. Sometimes when she is fussy, Nate or I will lay her down next to us on the bed and put our face really close to hers and she just calms right down. However, this morning, she took Nate by surprise when she started to suck on his nose because she was hungry. She has a serious case of nipple confusion. She got her "procedure" done yesterday where they cut her Achilles tendon all the way through. She was not a happy camper. Apparently this is not a big deal for children up to age three and it will fully heal after about 2 weeks. After the procedure they casted both her legs for the last time. She wears this set for 3 weeks. Then she is scheduled to get her braces on Jan. 30th! Also, we are blessing Lyla on Jan. 25th.

Nate and Kelly are doing great! We're just busy preparing for the move. We are flying out to Chicago this Thursday to look for apartments. We are staying through the weekend so we can narrow down to our favorite places, then go to the wards to see which we like the best. Then we will fly back Monday. Then that weekend my mom and step-dad are coming up to Utah, and so is my brother Mike and possibly his wife Jen for Lyla's blessing. The next day Nate will pick up our truck so we can pack it up and he will leave Tuesday to make the 2 (or possibly 3) day drive out to Chicago. I, on the other hand, will have to stay to clean our apartment and wait for Lyla's appointment on the 30th. Then I will fly out to Chicago with Lyla on the 31st. The next few weeks are going to be BUSY and are going to fly by!


Tara said...

Good luck with the goals and the next few weeks, what a busy but exciting time. If you are worried about the nursing supply, you can just nurse a few extra times/day or pump in between sessions and the milk should come right back in. I pumped every 2 hours starting at 1.5 weeks for the next 5 or 6 weeks with my baby because my milk supply was way down. But it came roaring back. Getting plenty of water also helped me lots too. And lastly, oatmeal is an excellent snack for nursing moms! Good luck. Your baby is sure cute through all of it. :)

Erin and James said...

what a busy next few weeks! I was watching the news this morning and they did chicago weather and it was -1! I thought of you guys and how cold it's going to be, but what a fun adventure!

The Comeau Family said...

Good luck with everything! We are so excited for you guys. And Chicago, HOW FUN! We go to Indiana alot to see Benjy's siblings so we are going to have to stop to see you guys!

Tasha and Ryan said...

I love your blog posts. i laughed so hard when you said that lyla had nipple confusion! haha, how cute! =) Yes, I would love to see you!! How about sometime next week? This week is a crazy one for me!! I can't believe yo uare moving, lets for sure keep in touch, i am going to need mommy tips ya know! haha And for the record, I think Ryan gets even more baby hungry after he looks at your blog with me. You know the picture of yo uand lyla sleeping that nate took, ryan was like that is the cutest thing ever, i wil lhave to take a picture like that!!! haha What a beautiful family you have!! I bet you are such an amazing mother! You are kind, loving, positive, and full of laughs that's what e very mom should be like! Love ya girlie!

Here Dwells Happiness said...

I think about you so much. You are totally going to ROCK Chicago. I'm glad to hear that you are getting into the swing of motherhood. Way to go for continuing to nurse. Yep, gotta keep up the calories. Bran and I are currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the sequel to that book. It's a fun read that is quick (we have limited time at night). We've added it to our nightly prayer/scripture routine and Peter now is part of it as he nurses while we read. Good luck with the BIG move.

brooke and tyler said...

You guys picked quite the weekend to come out! It happens to be a really COLD weekend. Bundle up and good luck finding housing.

Shamaine said...

I like your goals. Many of them are the same for me. If we were still there I would work out with you. :) Good luck finding an apartment and packing! Oh, and I love how Lyla started to suck on Nates nose...very cute!