Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poor Lyla

Well, Lyla finally got her casts off and into her brace on Friday. Not to be negative or anything but that was the worst day of her life. Since Lyla had been in casts for so long, her legs and feet became very sensitive to the touch. She would always pull her feet away and cry when you would mess with them. So the day she got her casts off, she went directly into the brace. Lyla HATED it. She was screaming the entire time we were putting her brace on. The brace is two leather-bound shoes that connect to a bar so they aren't the most comfortable things. They are also sort of a pain to put on and take off and you need to make sure the shoes are very snug so her feet don't move around too much in them and get blisters. The doctor instructed us to take them off every 2-3 hours and rub her feet so we can desensitize them Anyway, needless to say it was a very hard day for the both of us. Lyla was screaming and crying the entire day because her feet were hurting her and she just wasn't used to the brace yet. To make matters worse, she had to go to her 2 month pediatrician appointment and get all of her immunizations, so she had to get 3 shots in her legs (and by the way, she is 10.5 pounds and 25 inches long! Her length was in 99.7 percentile!). Plus, Nate was already in Chicago moving all of our stuff in, so he wasn't there to provide much emotional support (not that I blame him, I'm just a big baby without him). However, since Lyla had been so exhausted from crying, she didn't cry too much when she got her shots. She screamed during the process but quickly quieted down because she was so tired. It was so sad. Of course, I was on the verge of tears all day because I couldn't do anything to make her feel better except for give her some Tylenol and hold her. It was just a hard day.
I am happy to say that now Lyla is doing MUCH better. When she got out of her casts, her feet looked really mashed and had these deep creases in them and now all the creases are gone! She is doing a lot better with having her brace on. She is also doing better when we touch her feet and put her shoes on and take them off. I think the whole thing just takes some getting used to. Also, she is FINALLY able to take a bath! YEA!!! She hated her first bath since it was the day she got the brace on but now she LOVES getting a bath! That is my favorite part about having the casts off. Bath time is seriously the best. Also, Lyla is starting to smile!! I LOVE getting her to smile and she does it more and more every day. It is so fun! She is also starting to coo a lot more and we really can't get enough of it. Nate and I love her more as each day passes. Here are some recent pictures of Lyla down below...

This was Lyla after her getting her braces on and getting her immunization shots. Poor girl, this picture just tells it all.

This is Stephanie Holmes, Lyla's doctor. She did a fantastic job!

Lyla getting her cast sawed off.

Sherri, Dr. Holmes' assistant, taking the casts off. Lyla was staring at me the entire time.

Lyla doing tummy time with her braces on.

Lyla, right before she got her last set of casts off.

Her headband kept falling down to her eyes. I finally took a picture because it was so funny.

Cute pajamas.

Right after Lyla's blessing.

She just looked cute.

She loved laying on the dryer, it completely calmed her down!

Laying down with daddy!

Such a cute smiley face!

Cute little grin...

Smiling at Papa Rik.
I will give you a Chicago update once we get all settled and unpacked and I can take pictures of a presentable home :) Hope everyone is doing great!


Michael said...

I have been watching your blog constantly waiting for an update. I feel bad for Lyla but I was thinking with those braces on she is going to have some seriously strong legs when she is done with this whole process. Seriously! Trying to maneuver with them on and lifting her legs all the time. She should be a kicker on a football team.

Jared and Amanda Rummler said...

Kelly, she is so beautiful!!!

Shamaine said...

I love her smile...and love looking at your pictures! It makes me excited to have a baby! :)

Brittany said...

Kelly I am so glad that you are sharing your experiences with us! I am so impressed with you. I can imagine how hard/tiring it was to have so many doctors appointments, and to do it by yourself. Just carting an infant around is difficult sometimes, so with all this extra stuff you are experiencing... I'm just so amazed by you!!! What a good mommy. I'm sure Lyla wasn't worried about having to endure this when she was waiting in heaven cause she knew she'd have you as a mom to take care of her. You rock.

Milly said...

Oh poor honey! I have a better appreciation now for what my Mom went through with my baby brother. He had to wear shoes similar to those when he was a baby and boy do I remember those sleepless nights.

That being said, she looks fantastic, especially the big animated smile she has in one the pictures here.

Thank you for the update!

brooke and tyler said...

Oh poor baby. That really does sound sad. I'm sure this isn't fun for her to go through, but she won't remember ANY of it. You will always will, but she won't.
That is not how I imagined her brace to look at all. I'm sure it isn't comfortable.
Let us know when you're all settled and we'll come down and visit.

KatieBug said...

I feel so bad for you but im glad all that is over. I totally understand where youre coming from when you say youre a big baby with out nate. I was BAWLING when I sat there and watched owen get his PKU test. I seriously almost yelled at the nurse to stop it was so sad. I seriously think its harder on us then it is on the babies lol

But Im glad the casts are off now and she can take her baths, owen loves his baths too :) she is adorable and i love all the fun pictures you posted of her!

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

What a beautiful little girl! I am sure that it is so tough to see Lyla go through all this, but it sounds like you guys are doing terrific as parents and she won't even remember all of this someday which is a blessing. We wish you all the best with the move and everything! Take Care!

Jen said...


Lyla is so cute! I can already see so much personality in her (maybe even a little bit of sass that she inherited from her parents?). Dave and I miss you guys so much but are very excited for you big move to Chicago. I'll admit that when I found that out I immediately checked to see how much flights to Chicago were :). Not as cheap as I wanted :(

Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

aw poor thing! she is getting so big though! i cant believe how much she has grown since the last pictures you have posted! she is absolutly beautiful though, she is going to be quite the looker when she gets older!