Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Heather

Here is a quick, short update on Heather.  For a better and more detailed update, you can go to Heather's sister's blog, Cherise.

Heather is still in the hospital and has had her good days and her bad.  It turns out that she actually has 10 tumors in her brain, 6 small ones and 4 large.  The largest is 4cm and is hitting her brain stem.  This would explain a lot of her symptoms: 24/7 vomiting, periods of loss of movement in her legs and hands, and hold her head up straight.  After speaking with the oncologist and some neurosurgeons, Scott and Heather have decided that they would like to do brain surgery to remove the tumor hitting her brain stem.  They are unable to remove all the tumors but they said this is a fairly simple procedure.  Doing this will not cure her but it will give her a better quality of life and will hopefully allow her to go home.  Also, after they spoke with the oncologist, they decided that despite the odds, they still want to fight. They feel pretty pumped and excited to do this and I am behind them 100%.  If anything it will hopefully prolong her amount of time here on this earth.  They are so strong!  So last night Scott said Heather will probably start chemo again in about 1.5 weeks.  

Anyway, tomorrow we are having a fast for Heather for anyone who would like to join.  I am so proud of Heather for her strength and optimism through this whole thing.  She is such a wonderful example to us all and we love her so much.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for us through this whole thing.  I'll try to keep you updated but again, Cherise's blog is so much better than mine.  

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brooke and tyler said...

Oh my goodness, what a story. I am so sorry for Heather and her family. We will remember to keep her and her family in our prayers!