Sunday, May 24, 2009

Craft project, baby ducks, cute Lyla

Well here is a small update in pictures.

I recently bought bookshelf from a friend (who found this at a garage sale) for $15 and we painted it black. I love it and once I get things organized, it will be a perfect fit for our home! (Unfortunately, I forgot to get "before" pictures)

I also bought this coffee table at a garage sale for $5 and painted it black too. We haven't had a coffee table since we've been married so I thought it was time to get one and this one is in GREAT condition!!

There is a family of ducks that live in the pond in front of our house. I went to pick Nate up at work the other day and the mama duck was crossing the street with her 12 little ducklings and it was SO CUTE. 4 of the ducks were afraid to hop off the curb and then once one of them got the courage, the others followed. I thought it was the cutest thing. I gladly waited for them to all cross before I went on my way. They are getting bigger now and it's fun to see them learn and grow from their parents.

Now for Lyla. She is moving around a ton, just not crawling yet. She likes to get going with her legs but she hasn't figured out that she needs to use her hands as well. So she ends up face planting herself into the ground like a wheelbarrow.

Lyla has also been experimenting with different sleep positions. She basically sleeps in all positions BUT her back. Every time I lay her down on her back in her crib, I find her in a different position and spot when I come back. Here she is sleeping on her side...

I found her like this one night, her face planted into the crib mattress. To check if she is breathing I will always touch her lower back and every time I do, her butt pokes up like a bee. It's so cute because nothing else moves but her butt. So we call her our little bumble bee. Maybe we should call her bumble butt?

I also find her in this corner very often.

Lyla in one of her new swimsuits.

Another swimsuit shot while daddy entertains her.

My sassy little girl... she looks like a little priss, huh?

So cute :)

This smile of hers cracks me up!! She loves to chew on her lower lip and so that is why she looks so funny. This was just a cute dress she wore today at church. You can't see the whole thing but that is okay :)

Another cute shot.

Anyway, sorry for the picture overload. I tend to do that sometimes, but that's okay. I'll get a picture in of Nate sometime, haha! Hope everyone is doing well!!


Jen Low said...

cute pictures Kelly! Lyla is getting so big and she is such a mix of both you and Nate. The swimsuits are super cute as well, good picks!

Tara said...


Collin and Hilary Hanson said...

i love this blog cuz i love when people put pictures! i love the bookshelf and the coffee table even more! $5? what a steal! we dont really have room for a coffee table so maybe when we upgrade to a house, we'll get one. I love the pic of layla in her crib on her tummy all hunched in. its so cute! and i really like the baby bikini. if it were my size, i would wear it. glad you guys are doing well!!!

KatieBug said...

Owen is experimenting with new sleeping positions too and I must say...the whole tummy thing freaks me out! I always go in to see if hes breathing but I do it all through out the night. The kid is finally starting to sleep all night and I get up to check if hes breathing. I was just glad to read that someone else checks made me feel better about mysel :)

Hangin with the Burke's said...

I love the swimsuit shots she looks so cute and girly!

Camille and Bryce said...

Love Love Love the coffee table and bookshelf! They look amazing. Lyla looks cute in her swimsuits...I know you already bought them BUT I was up at the outlets yesterday and all the baby stores (OshGosh, Carters, Children's Place) all had their swim stuff for like 50% off...just in case you haven't had your complete fix of baby swimsuit shopping! :) Lets hit the pool next week!

Erin | Adam said...

Kelly, she is so seriously adorable and I don't say that about every baby I see:)