Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monkey Business

We had a really fun Halloween this year. I'll be brief since the pictures tell all :)

It all started off with our ward trunk-or-treat. We had a chili cook-off and pretty much everyone dressed up. We decorated our car with our Halloween decorations and blasted Thriller. It was a good night.
If you can't tell already, Nate is a pirate and Lyla is a monkey :)

I was also a pirate.

Ly, crawling around enjoying everyone's costumes.

For actual Halloween we hung out with our friends, the Rice's. We went trick-or-treating with their kids (I felt silly going with just me, Nate, and Lyla), made a Halloween craft, and just had a great time!
We pulled Lyla in a wagon. It was FREEZING and so we had to really bundle up!

We ended up having to tuck Lyla's arms in her monkey suit to keep her warm, but because of this she started to slide in her seat while she was buckled in (see picture below). We thought she was just relaxing the whole time. Oops! Anyway, she was a trooper and she never even made a peep!

Family shot. Nate was spiderman, I was alphabet soup, and then Lyla.

Nate's mom sent us a Halloween craft kit, which was a blast! It was perfect because we even had enough for all of us to make a couple of little pretzel men!

Thanks Grandma Wright, we loved this craft (and Lyla did too, haha)!!

On a completely different note... Lyla got her first "owie". I'm pretty sure she did this at the church during mutual. Occasionally when she will crawl, she will get her hands caught behind and as she moves forwards she just face plants. Well she went through a phase of doing this the past week and yeah. She didn't cry but it was a pretty good rug burn.

Ly with her first owie and showing off her 4 teeth!!

And I just posted this because I think it's cute. I know I'm biased but I just think she is a pretty baby, owie and all. I LOVE this girl!


Candace Wright said...

Oh, I just love to see your pictures and read about you guys. Lyla gets more adorable every day. She seems SO fun!

abby said...

she is such a cutie. and i can't believe how much she looks like you, kelly. it's crazy!

Jill said...

what a fun guys look great! I love it! It looks freezing too...

Jeff and Crystal said...

What cute costumes! You are so Creative to come up with Alphabet Soup! Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween!

Tiffany said...

Wow Lyla is growing up so fast. You all look great in your costumes!

Camille and Bryce said...

What a cute little craft idea! You guys were some great pirates!! Sorry about Lyla's little owie...hate those!

Valerie said...

LOVE the monkey costume! Very cute! :)