Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lyla LEW - 18 months

Well I haven't posted about Lyla in a little while. I still need to do her official 18 month pics but these will have to do for now.

She found a little ledge in our closet. Sometimes she'll grab a book and go there to sit and read it. This is her with her "cheese" face... so korny I love it!

I had to capture the first time we actually fed Lyla spaghetti. She did a pretty good job making a mess of herself. Again, with the "cheese" face.
Love that cute smile!

Okay, as I have mentioned before, I have really struggled to do something with Lyla's hair. The top of it is really short and thin and the back is really long and thin. Anyway, today I attempted pigtails. They were cute enough but lasted less than 5 minutes. Oh well :)
I think it looks cute from the back but a little funny in the front since her hair is just sitting there. Plus, in this pic the bows are already starting to fall out.

18 month stats:
Head: 19in (??%)
Weight: 22lbs 4oz (Less than 25%)
Height: 34in (Just barely off the charts!)

I'm pretty sure she is going to be tall and skinny like my mom. When my mom was just married she was like 5'8, 120 lbs... yeah, a stick!! And she had these extremely long legs too! The doctor was a little nervous because she hasn't gained any weight, but he said that can be normal for this age since they are so active. I swear we feed the girl... she's just a stick and always has been!

Anyway, here are some things Lyla has been up to lately:
  • Says a lot of words now (mama, dada, please, thank you, more, up, duckie, flower, baby, etc.) Her annunciation still needs a little work but come one, she's only 18 months!
  • LOVES to read. I think it's weird. Good but weird. I was so never like that. Part of me thinks that maybe it's because her toys are lame, but she'll read or have us read her AT LEAST 15 books a day. Thank goodness you can get a variety at the library!
  • She loves to play hide and seek (or her version of it).
  • She loves to play outside and at the park. The slide is her favorite.
  • She loves to play with my hair. When I carry her, she twirls it mindlessly (probably because she has none of her own). And she loves it when Nate and I put our head in her lap (sometimes she'll even pull our heads until they are just right) and then play with our hair.
  • She give the BEST kisses!
  • Her favorite food is fruit... any kind.
  • She loves to sing. She knows most of the tune of the ABC's and will say random letters while she sings it. She also loves to do the movements to "Popcorn Popping" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider".
  • She loves to help with chores.
  • She can throw the most dramatic tantrum I have ever seen!
  • She's has started to be more disobedient, just to test us.
  • She hates time-out!
  • She has the most amazing ability to glare at people. Not because she's mad, just because she wants to. I usually pull her eyebrows back up and tell her to stop and she laughs :)
  • She loves drinking from a straw but still struggles using a cup without a straw.
  • She loves to dance! Her dancing pretty much consists of her stepping really fast in the same spot while swinging her arms and laughing all the while.
  • She LOVES to be around other kids.
  • Everytime she looks in the toilet she says "Ew" (even when there is nothing in there)
  • She is FINALLY in nursery and has done pretty well so far. She just needs to learn to sit still during the lessons and drink from a cup!
  • She loves to play soccer like her daddy.
  • Still a great sleeper!
  • Has the most fun when her mommy and daddy are BOTH home!
  • She is going to make a GREAT big sister!


Jeff and Kira said...

Loved this! What a cute little girl! And you are such a great mom!

Bek said...

bring her over to aunt bek's house so we can play!

Heidi Lamb said...

I loved reading these. What a cutie!