Wednesday, June 30, 2010

25 weeks & a visit with Joe

I've got a few posts that I am needing to do from my brother visiting us in Chicago, but I'll post this one now because it's easy and not time-consuming and I want to give those posts some justice :)

I haven't done many belly shots this time around. Not sure why. Probably because I feel large and this time around has been a little more uncomfortable than the first. I think it's the result of being pregnant while taking care of a toddler. My siatic (sp?) nerve started to act up and when I am really busy with cleaning and things like that my whole back just aches. But really, overall, this pregnancy has been relatively easy and I know people have gone through much worse... plus the reward is a sweet one :) So I try to keep my complaining to a minimum.

Anyway, we're getting more and more excited. I think the fact that we're going to have another child started to really hit me a couple weeks ago and I am SO excited. Not that I wasn't excited before... it has just set in an little more than before. We have a few names in mind, but like we did with Lyla, we'll probably go in there with a couple and then decide which one fits best. So you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Anyway, here is my first official belly shot for this pregnancy. 25 weeks.

And lastly, Joe came into town for business and had a free afternoon. So Nate got off as early as he could and we headed to the city to have some dinner with him. WE LOVE JOE! It was so fun seeing him, even though it was only for a little over an hour. Every time I am around he and Nate I am reminded about how much those two are alike! They have VERY similar personalities, it's crazy. Anyway, Joe immediately jumped into uncle mode and by the end of our visit, Lyla had really warmed up to him. It was great seeing him and I can't wait for he and his family to move out to the mid-west. It's something I have been anxiously awaiting. Thanks for the brief visit Joe... we love you!!


Leslie said...

oh my heck you're too cute! i LOVE your belly picture! i can't wait to hear name options... :)

Shelley said...

I hope I look as good as you do when I am pregnant! You look so cute, Kelly!

Erin said...

you look gorgeous still!!! siatic nerve is the woooorst!!!

Hilary said...

im so glad you guys are doing well! Kelly, I have just got to say, im already jealous of you and your pregnant self, theres no way that I'll look that good pregnant!

Amy Rex said...

Ummm... you are NOT huge at all! You look super cute! :)