Tuesday, July 6, 2010

She kills me!

I guess I should clarify... Lyla kills me in a good way. I think she is hilarious, funny, smart, and weird all at the same time. Here are some recent pics of her in random order.

Took this one today. She was walking toward me to see what her picture looked like :)
A typical Lyla face. Seriously she looks like this 85% of the time.
Today at play group with one of her friends Jaxon. I thought this was a cute little picture of them sharing his goldfish.
The other night we gave Lyla some cherries and this was the result. I started laughing at her because she looked like this and she was getting really upset and impatient with me. So I finally showed her what she looked like and she could not stop laughing! She thought she was the greatest thing ever. This is her being a cherry monster :)
This was just before the cherries. She was outside BBQing with Nate and kept smashing her face against the window. I tried to get her doing that but ended up with this instead. Still cute.
This one just kills me! I laugh every time I come across this picture. This is her new favorite toy... a licorice tub.
Ly at the pool.
Okay, so now that the pictures are over, I just wanted to share this video of Lyla. I love it! But here is a little background first. Lyla LOVES music! LOVES! Whenever music is on she dances like crazy and bounces up and down and her feet just move really fast like she is dancing. It really is so funny to watch her. Especially because most the time when she dances she looks like she is being forced to, but in truth, she loves it. And then when we are in the car, Lyla will typically be bouncing her legs, chest popping, or head bopping... all on beat! It's crazy! This girl loves music and dancing along!

Anyway, so today we ran a few errands and I happened to have my camera on me (luckily it has video) and I turned to look at her and she was dancing to this song and smiled like she was a little embarrassed that I caught her. So I pulled out my camera (we were parked) and got this sweetness... (If you watch the whole thing, you can see she looses the beat when it changes and then she picks it back up again. Then she tries singing along in the end... sort of.)

And lastly, I just have to say that I LOVE Dave Matthews. Or I guess I should say, Lyla loves him. To be honest, I don't listen to his music much, but there is this one song of his called "Christmas Song" that I really love and apparently Lyla does too. There are times when Lyla will just be SCREAMING and crying in the car and there is just no consoling her (usually when she's tired) and WITHOUT FAIL, Lyla will always calm down listening to that song. I don't know what it is but it really just soothes her. So, I owe Dave Matthews and his band something great because he has kept us sane on many long drives :) I think we listened to it about a minimum of 50 times on our way to and from Idaho Falls last Christmas. Thank heavens Nate and I both really like this song. Here is the song below (the version we have is better)...


Shelley said...

Oh my gosh that video of her bobbing her head is so cute! She really can keep on beat! It's pretty awesome that she can do that!

Amy Rex said...

hahaha. I LOVE the picture of her with the licorice tub! I laughed out loud at my desk! So Cute!