Monday, February 7, 2011

Blizzard and Girls

Last week we had a pretty big blizzard hit us in the Chicago area. Stores shut down, Nate was told not to go into work, and hardly anyone was actually on the road! It was insane. Actually, looking behind our house, I didn't think we got it so bad. But then when I went out to the front I realized that there was a TON of snow. Anyway, here are some pics...

This is the view behind our house.
I was actually surprised how much snow our deck got considering it is completely covered...
Our front driveway. Our car was parked outside since we had family in town and so that spot was where our car was parked. Nate took our car out to go play in the snow :)
Driving around our neighborhood.
The lake next to our apartment was completely covered as well.
The snow piled up at the side of our house. I wish we would have stood next to it so you could see how large it was!
And then the view from the front door.
Anyway, and here are a couple of CUTE pictures of my girls. I just love them!

Lyla in her new dress two Sunday's ago...
And Ruby in her princess chair. I finally got a picture of her smiling!
And then lastly, Ruby has been a little sick. She is starting to feel and sound MUCH better... but this video is of her with her raspy voice. And don't worry, we picked her up right after we shot the video :)


Candace Wright said...

Wow! That was some SERIOUS snow. Glad you guys are all right & that Ruby-cube is feeling better. :D

Jeff, Crystal & Hudson said...

That is so much snow! I bet your girls loved it! They are both so cute!

Naomi said...

So, yeah that was a lot of snow, but Ruby's earrings in that princess chair are adorable. That video of her raspy voice was so sad. Now Isabelle has been feeling the pain this whole week. Sick babies are so so sad.