Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crazy Freezer Meal Day

I had to blog about Crazy Freezer Meal Day just because it's an awesome idea that I have never done before. My friend Camille introduced the idea to us and it turned out great! Basically, there were 4 of us and we each submitted 2 recipes. Camille bought all the food and we chose a day to just cook all 8 meals, some of which could feed us for a couple of nights! So you end up having between 8-16 meals in your freezer so you can just heat them up if you don't feel like cooking! And the best part was that it ended up being only about $5ish/recipe or $2.68 per meal! Awesome, huh?

Anyway, our 4th cook decided to bail on us to have a baby that day (can you believe her?) ;) But the 3 of us cooked from 10am-4:30ish, while trying to entertain 3 little kids (who did awesome, btw) and we were able to get 7 out of our 8 meals finished! I felt pretty good the whole time but when I got home, I made the mistake of sitting down and then I realized just how tired my mind and body were and I realized I didn't want to cook anything for a few more days! It was crazy! Here is what we made:

enchillada's - will feed us for 2 dinners and a lunch
chimichanga's - 1, maybe 2 meals
chicken squares - 1 meal
sausage casserole - Probably 3 meals
chicken cordon bleu - 2 meals
cuban ropa vieja - 1 maybe 2 meals
spaghetti sauce - 3 meals (we originally had this in one big bag but we ended up splitting it into 3 little bags.
**french dip sandwiches - this was our 8th meal that we are still getting but didn't have time to finish that day

Not bad, huh? I took some pictures throughout the day but I did a horrible job of "documenting" the experience. But here are a few of them...

Emma and Camille as we are just getting started.

Emma was the ultimate chopper. She probably chopped around 5 or 6 piles just like this one!

Anyway, we ended up getting busy so there is a huge gap of pictures, but this was taken at the very end of the day. Look at how horrible of a mess we made!!

Just a couple of our freezer meals

Thanks for the awesome time ladies! Everything has tasted great so far!!


Yolanda Taylor said...

Wow! That is impressive! I am so bad at doing frozen meals, something to do with being from India. But I can totally see how great this could be when you are too tired to cook! Great job, all of you!!!

Isaac and Francie said...

Those look great! I timed that perfect, didn't I? Sorry! I really am bummed I missed out. I'll definitely be in on the next round though!

Elise said...

This is an awesome idea! I would love to do this one day.

Emily said...

So going to try this!! I'd love to get your recipes!