Monday, April 11, 2011

from bad to good

Yesterday was one of those days with Lyla where I really think she spent a total of 3 hours on time out because it was just one thing after another. I do have to say that it probably isn't all her fault. We have church from 1-4 and she never got her nap. Then Nate and I were getting so frustrated and of course, that just oozes from us and creates more disobedience. So really, it wasn't her fault and I knew that. But I kept feeling like "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG"?!?!?! And I was getting so worried about all these misbehaviors and what I was doing to cause them and blah blah blah.

Anyway, last night we read a the conference talk by Elder Lynn G. Robbins and he talked a lot about how to discipline children and he said something about how children do not act out and misbehave just because, but that there is almost always an underlying cause. And he also gave some tips on disciplining. So I decided to put those things to test today and you know what? Today has been awesome! We got up, took dad to work, and Lyla was already being so SWEET! Then we went to the grocery store (which is something I usually dread with 2 kids) and it actually was so FUN! I felt like the tiniest changes I made in my attitude totally made her behave so much more! And Lyla was obedient, helpful, put things back on the shelf when I asked. It was great.

Then the best thing happened. As Lyla and I were looking for some frozen chopped spinach, a woman came up behind me and said "You know, you do SUCH a good job with her! I've seen you a few times throughout the store and I just think you're doing a really great job"! I swear I almost hugged and kissed her right there in the frozen food aisle! Anyway, when we left the store I tried to apply some of the tips that Elder Robbins suggested (compliment her be's) and it seemed to really work! I'm sure the tube of smarties also helped :) And then later we had a neighbor friend over to play and they both played so nicely together. And afterwards Lyla said "I played nicely with Lincoln. I get a treat!!" And since I was so proud of the improvement from yesterday, I gave her 5 whole jelly beans :)

Anyway, I'm not writing this to brag about how well-behaved my kid is. But I just wanted to remember that after such a horrible day, they can be angels the very next. Love my girls!


Chelsea said...

We have church from 1-4 as well, and it is amazing what it does to test our patience! But, like you, I try to remember that I am usually tired, cranky, or hungry, and so usually my perspective is not where it should be. You sure seem to be an amazing mom!

The Hedges said...

Please send me the link, sounds great!

Rach said...

That is so neat. I love it when I have those days :) And the nice thing is that you can have lots of bad days, and it only takes one good day to give you the strength and energy you need to make through the rough days ahead.
Kelly, you ARE a terrific mom. You are doing your very best and that is all you need to do! Love you!

Candace said...

I LOVE this post. You should totally celebrate those victories!!! It's not bragging, it's just recognizing the good so you don't forget it can happen. AWESOME! Well done, Kelly, you ARE doing a great job!