Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, Seattle!

Well Nate finished classes, we did millions of loads of laundry, cleaned our house, packed up our entire kitchen for a possible remodel during the summer, spent a week in the Outer Banks (which I'll save for another post), packed up the rest of our stuff, shipped a HUGE box and my computer to Seattle, and left the next day to our new home all in less than 2 weeks! 

Anyway, Saturday we took off on our flight to Seattle.  The girls did awesome and I got to sit next to this cute girl for the first part of it...

I will be honest, Day 1 in Seattle was ROUGH!  The girls did great on the flight but by the time we got here we were all so tired and hungry.  We went ahead and rented a car so we could pick up our keys and get all our shopping done before Nate started on Monday.  Like I said, the girls were TIRED, were were all hungry and all a little bit cranky, especially me :)  And to top it off, our poor Ruby had to go to the hospital.  Long story short, she had an infection that she was on antibiotics for and they weren't working and we had to take her in to get it taken care of and she is fine now.   So, Nate and Ruby got in Sunday morning at 5:30 am, I woke up as they fell asleep in our bed and Lyla was up an hour later. 

So from 6:30-12:30, Lyla and I got to spend the morning together.  We watched Lady and the Tramp, twice.  Ate Cinnamon Toast Cruch (since that was all we had), and read a few chapter's in her Tangled book we just got.  And best of all, as if Lyla knew it was Mother's Day, she suddenly said to me "Mom, look!  I spelled my name"!  

Awesome, huh?!  She did it all on her own and I was so stinkin' proud!  Best Mother's Day gift, ever!

Anyway, when Nate and Ruby woke up we ate some DiGiorno (sp?) pizza and got ready to make our big shopping trips.  The first initial shopping trips are always SO crazy when you move to a new place, especially in our case.  We just shipped a box of mostly toys and a few other random items and figured it would be cheaper to buy the other stuff than ship it.  So we first went to Target and got a bunch of random household items we would need.  We had 1 1/2 full carts of stuff.  The girls were crazy and slightly disobedient there.  We were trying to manage meltdown's, keep them from breaking stuff, etc.  Finally when we got to the cleaning supplies aisle, Ruby had found the toilet plungers, grabbed three of them and used them as toys.  So she and Lyla were plunging the floor, the walls, and having the time of their lives while Nate and I were grabbing some cleaning items. We are awesome parents, haha!  Anyway, to sum up our shopping at Target, we came home and found this little chopper in our bags.  I asked Nate about why he wanted to get the chopper and he said, "I didn't put that in the cart".  So I guess the girls really want me to be chopping some small food items for them.  Happy Mother's Day to me!  They're so thoughtful!  :)

Anyway, we shopped at Costco and then to Safeway, making a trip home b/w each so we could unload.  It was another LONG day and the girls didn't get into bed until 10:30 PST, which is 1:30 our time. 

Anyway, it feels good to have some needed items in our home and REAL FOOD!  Our apartment is nice and I really can't complain much about it... we have a pretty great set up!  I can't wait until our box of stuff and my computer arrive on Friday so we can feel a little more at home.  I am NOT looking forward to turning in our car today.  I am not a fan of relying on buses and taxi's to get us around, especially with two little girls and a huge stroller (which I love, but still it is heavy!).  So we'll see how it all goes.  I'm feeling MUCH better about this move now that I have gotten some sleep. Before I was feeling super overwhelmed with everything going on, little sleep, and realizing that we are not in suburbia anymore.  Downtown city life is MUCH different!  So here is to a new adventure for the next 12 weeks while Nate completes his internship.  We really feel so blessed to be here! 

I'll post more when I have my computer here and when I take pictures with my actual camera and not my phone :)


Haley said...

I miss you!! I'm so glad you made it there safely and are getting settled. I can't wait to hear about your west coast adventures!

Rachel and Eric said...

This makes me miss you already and I totally know how you was like a flashback of last summer. Food is really so essential to everyone's well being. Also, just be glad that everyone speaks english. I'll have a post like this in a few a months...but with a lot more jet lag and issues I'm sure. :)

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

Good luck Kelly! What an adventure!

Candace said...

Oh Kelly, that sounds like a ton of work! I feel your pain as we're still getting ready to leave for the summer. I'm so glad that you guys have safely arrived. We love you! We need to Skype some more when your computer arrives :D