Friday, May 25, 2012

Some random thoughts and an update (Seattle Style)...

Before I begin my post, I just had a few random thoughts...
  • The time change has sort of thrown our kids off a bit and sometimes they wake up at random during the night.  So this morning it was about 3:30am and Ruby woke up and lately we just bring whatever child into our bed to sleep the remainder of the night.  Obviously this was not going to continue so when Rube woke up, I held her and then put her down.  She started crying for a few minutes and Nate and I are standing in the hall waiting to see if she calms down.  Then we hear the sweetest voice from Lyla say, "It's okay Ruby." and Ruby immediately stopped crying and did great the rest of the night.  Lyla is such a good big sister!
  • Every night during bedtime routine, we sing a few church songs and then lay the girls down.  Recently, Ruby has been getting into her singing and sings right along to her favorites.  Except it's more like well-timed babbling except for in "I Am A Child of God" she sings the word "do" really loudly.  It's so cute!  One of these days we'll get it on video...
  •  Since we haven't had a car, I have done some serious walking!  In fact, the other day I went to our fitness center and I actually weighed 5 lbs less with my clothes and shoes on.  Woohoo!  And the fact that our stroller had some pretty flat tires made it even harder to move around.  
  • Nate and I are going to the Mariner's vs. Angel's game tonight and I am pumped!  Go Angels!
  • Today at this Folk Music Festival I saw two girls wearing short tops and long skirts while belly dancing (or something like it).  I swear they were younger than me and the weirder one of the two had man pits.  That's right, dark armpit hair that was at LEAST an inch long. So gross.
  • Lyla will sometimes play around and say "Mom, quick there's a snake!" Knowing she is joking I say "Really, where?" And then she looks at me with a straight face and says, "Mom, I'm just pretending".  Oh.  Sorry.   
  • I absolutely love the Kindle!  And one of my favorite things is dictionary aspect so I don't have to keep asking Nate what "_____" means and feel dumb about it :)
  • We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding the other night and we laughed our behinds off.  Such a funny movie!
  • We have an awesome setup here but I could really use a crock-pot or a blender.  Or a rice cooker.  
  • I watched SYTYCD last night and I cried like a baby.  When Nate came in and saw me bawling, I told him the story of this person and was crying even harder like a blubbering idiot as I explained the story of this mom's story.  
  • I can't wait for the Olympics!  Volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, badminton, ahhh!!!  So excited!
  • The other day my friend offered to take me shopping to Costco and Target if I would let her use my Costco card.  We had a great time with our 4 kiddo's and managed their craziness.  But I learned on this trip that I am sort of a control freak.  As we pulled into Costco I started pointing at all the different places she could park and pointing to all the aisles she should go down.  She started laughing and was like, "Why are you pointing at parking places?  Stop." Nate and I do this all the time with each other and totally didn't even realize I was doing it.  What is wrong with me?
  • We leave to go visit some of our best friends, the Kizerian's, tomorrow in Portland... SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Anyway, here is what we have been up to the past week...

The girls had fun for a good 20 minutes in this box.... 

After they finished playing in the box, I put Ruby down for a nap and gave Lyla a much needed hair cut!  Now she will actually let me brush her hair!

Right after her haircut.  She kind of looks like Matilda, huh?

The next day we went with our shopping friends to the Pacific Science Center (I'm surprised they still wanted to hang out after my control freak episode)...

Lyla holding a COCKROACH!  

Cute Rube
 We then went into the 85ºF butterfly house...

Lyla and friends watching the butterflies eat...

Courtney desperately wanted a butterfly to land on her, until they actually got close :)

She was so excited the pretty blue butterfly landed right in front of her.

She's cute, even when her undies are showing :)

Lyla and her buddy Rip.  It may not look like it but they were having a good time.

My little Rube.

Lyla swerving so she wouldn't hit a mouse, or child, or whatever.  Not sure where that face came from!

After the PSC, we decided to go on a walk with Nate when he came home from work...
Seriously, with this view just 2 minutes from your apartment, how could you NOT walk and walk and walk?

Lyla was working REALLY hard not to smile at the camera for me.  I finally got her!

Rube loves her daddy.

These sister's love each other and both working so hard not to look and smile at the camera.

Nate trying to turn their heads to look at me.

Lyla LOVES watching the train go by.

Ruby was a little more skeptical of the train.

Look at that look she is giving me.  Her hair really needs to learn how to go and stay to the side!
We totally saw a seal on that walk but it went under water just as I got my camera out.  Bummer!

And then today the girls and I had some high hopes of going to this park that is like 1 mile or so uphill.  So as we took off, the stroller was feeling pretty difficult to push and I realized there was no way we were going to make it without putting air in our tires.  So we went to a gas station to fill them up and figured out their air compressor was gone and they weren't getting it until next week.  SO they sent me a few blocks away to get air.  We thought we found the street we needed to be on but then we ran right into the Seattle Center instead. And since there was a Folk Music Festival going on we decided to skip the park and hit that up.

If you don't know me, I LOVE festivals!  I love the booths, the food, the various stages featuring different artists.  LOVE IT!  And despite this picture below, the girls were having a good time as well...
This pictures cracks me up! 

Lyla had been begging for days to play in this fountain and she was very disappointed to find out the water was not warm and that I was not going to be joining her.  
 When I was looking on the map for the Seattle Center I saw the most amazing thing.. a Bagley Wright Theatre!  Which just happens to be both names for Nate's side of the family.  So, after about an hour and after realizing that the theatre was IN a building and wasn't a building itself, I found it and snapped a pic.  So worth it! :)

Ok, that's all for now!


Amanda said...

Kelly, I just have to say that I also watched SYTYCD and was sobbing uncontrollably at the dance with the mom too. My husband did not understand it. Courtney and I grew up in the same ward--it's weird to see two world collide.

Jeff and Kira said...

So many fun adventures! Your kids are lucky to have such a fun mom! And that view is AMAZING! SO Beautiful! I would walk too!

Tasha said...

What camera do u have? Your pictures are amazing. Such a good photographer!

joel and laura michelle said...

Julia's been sitting by my side looking at the pics with me and she was just giggling in excitement to see her friends! We miss you all! Life looks so happy for you guys in Seattle. Don't get too comfy though, we neeeeed you out here. Love you all!