Monday, September 24, 2012


Fuqua Families is in full swing again and our latest outing was to the Durham Museum of Life and Science.  I had never been before and was pleasantly surprised at how big and fun this place was!  

First stop was the butterfly house.  This place was pretty great because you're allowed (at least, I think you are) to put your fingers up to the butterflies and sort of pick them up if you're really careful. Most places I have been to say not to touch them but they can land on you. The butterflies here were really friendly :)
Trying to hold the butterflies.
I actually don't know what went on here, but it looks like Belize missed her chance to hold her butterfly.

HUGE tarantula.  It's not even cute.  Not that any spiders are.  But a spider that size is just disturbing.
 The museum had a dinosaur section that was pretty much this big dinosaur.  At least, that was all we saw of it.  The kids loved climbing on it.  And in case you are wondering, this was the best picture I got  out of like 7.  There are a few where Lyla is fake crying and holding her arms out to be held.  Weirdo. :)
Notice all the Duke attire?  We are dedicated Blue Devils!

Love this cute smile of hers!
 Then we headed over to see the bears.  It was like a mini grand canyon hike to see them with about 4-5 switchbacks.  After our long trek, we were so sad to see that the bears were not showing their faces.  Just when we were about to head back up the grand canyon, a zoo worker came out to feed the bears.  She blew a whistle, tossed out some food, and two came out to eat.  It was so cool and the kids (and adults) were loving it.

One important thing to know about Lyla is how expressive her face is.  It is awesome.  So, Lyla noticed that a third bear was coming up from this huge hill to come get some food.  The following pictures are of excited Lyla telling me that the bear was coming down the hill...

These are the bears.  There was a 4th but we never saw him.

After the bear fun, the kids went to play.  We had to get a good friend shot...
Eve, Lyla, Izzy, Adeline, and Anthony.

And I can't forget my sweet Ruby.  Her bangs are actually little whispy's that need to grow into hair.  Like Lyla, she lights up my little world.

Playing with Adeline.

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