Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

My amazingly talented friend, Belize, took our family photo's the other day and I LOVE how they turned out!


My absolute favorite of me and Nate! 
Thank you, Belize!!!


Yolanda Taylor said...

Kelli! These are gorgeous! I want to see you again and meet your little ladies in person. They are so adorable :) You and Nate look exactly like the day you got married! Love the photos!


Haley said...

These are wonderful photos! Belize did an awesome job and you guys all look great. I can't decide which ones are my favorite, but the first one of you and Lyla and the second one of you and Ruby are to die for! Those are precious little ladies.

tkangaroo said...

I love Ruby's scrunchy nose.

joel and laura michelle said...

stunning! i love the shots of you with each of the girls. yummy!! love your family

Lizzie said...

Nate- You look SO good!!! Have you lost weight????

Kelly- as always- you're a babe!

And I absolutely love that Ruby scrunches up her nose when she 'smiles'. what a doll. I'm excited to see you guys soon!

Roselia Mangione said...

Belize must've been practicing photography for years now! His shots and angling are quite good. Those were very dramatic family photos, Kelly! May I ask who picked out the location? It's perfect!

Roselia Mangione