Saturday, June 7, 2008

Steel Magnolias

This morning Nate went to go play tennis with some friends and left before I was even awake! When I did finally wake up I turned on the TV and to my delight, Steel Magnolias was on and had just started! With Nate being gone, I thought this to be the perfect opportunity to watch it and to get a good cry in. Now, every girl knows that Steel Magnolias is one of the ultimate chick flicks ever made and that you would have to have a heart made of stone not to cry in it, right? Well my heart is made of cotton balls because I bawl every time I watch this movie. Anyway, to my displeasure, Nate came home just before the parts where things get sad. He sat down with me to watch the movie, and having never seen it before, he had no idea what was going on. However, Nate does know that I am a complete sucker for these kinds of movies and just knew that I would probably lose it at any time. You would think that he would give me my space during these sad times but instead he finds it to be complete entertainment. So, he decides to sit down next to me and when a sad part comes up, he just looks at me with my eyes super wide and full of tears, trying not to lose it in front of him. So once I realized that he was looking at me I just broke down crying and he would just laugh! Even worse, he would try to get me to talk during these moments where I'm trying to hold it together, and that too would get me to unleash. Needless to say, I did get a good cry in, but was sort of humiliated while doing it. At least I was able to entertain my husband while he endured the ultimate chick flick!


Tasha and Ryan said...

oh my gosh i absolutely love this chick flick!! Its amazing! have you seen beaches? it makes me cry too! when i come back we are going to haveto get together and watch chick flicks what do you say???

Traci & Brian said...

I love love LOVE this movie! And I bawl my eyes out every time.