Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Almost Died

Okay, maybe I didn't almost die, but Lyla and I could have been seriously injured... Today I went to take Lyla to her 4 month check-up (I'll blog about that next post when I upload pictures) and I had forgotten her insurance card.  I had been in a rush this morning to get ready and flew out the door to make it on time so besides forgetting just her insurance card, I forgot to grab something to eat as well.  So we go home to go grab her card and on the way back I stop at Dunkin' Donuts' drive-thru to eat on the way.  As we continued on our merry little way I grabbed a donut from the bag and just as I was doing that, I noticed on the other side of the highway, a deer came out from the trees and started booking it across the highway and it was running fast and was going to be right in its way.  If I kept driving, the deer would have hit the front of my car and if I sped up, it would have hit the back end of my car.  I didn't want to be hit because 1) it would damage my car, and 2) I could have gone off the edge of the highway since there was a slope right there, I would have gone tumbling down.  After a split second of considering this I slammed on my brakes and and came SO CLOSE to hitting that stupid deer - I mean INCHES away and then it jumped over the side of the highway.   

I was TERRIFED!  Of course, I started shaking and was on the verge of tears but thought to myself that I shouldn't start crying until I pulled over.  I couldn't decide where to stop and was on the verge of breaking down.  Then I looked over to this man who pulled up to the side of me and looked like this :-O with his eyes and mouth wide open like "Holy cow, I saw the whole thing!" and then I realized that my face was exactly the same way his was, which somehow made me even more in shock.  So I tried calling Nate to have him comfort me... no answer. I called my brother Mike, no answer.  I called my mom, no answer.  I called my friend Lizzy, no answer.  Where was everyone!!??!!??  So I thought blogging was the best way to calm myself down a little.  And actually, Mikey just called me and so I just told him the story and he said "I bet that deer is going off to his friends saying ' I almost got eaten by a huge white lion!'"  Haha, Mikey always makes the stories a little better :)  

Anyway, that was my near death experience.  I am probably the only one who gets THIS freaked out over something like this but that's okay!  


Michael said...

Great story Kelly. I am glad I was finally there for you. I wish you would have pulled a Cullen on that deer.

Shamaine said...

That would be scary, and I would probably be freaking out just as much as you did...dumb deer! I'm glad you're okay. I hate it when you're trying to get ahold of someone and it seems like no one picks up the phone. Can't wait to read about Lyla's appointment.