Monday, May 4, 2009

Chapman Mii's

So, Nate and I got a little bored and decided to create Mii's for my side of the family. I know this post may be lame for those of you who don't know my family but that's okay. Here is what we came up with...












Grandma Dana

Papa Rik

Papa Brian


Emily said...

Wow, those are really accurate! They look just like you guys! How funny! You guys have plans Memorial day weekend? We are thinking of going out there that weekend. We'll see.

Erickson Family said...

Thanks for the good laugh! Very accurate I must say! Hope all is well in the windy city.

The Grady's said...

Those are AWESOME! I think Mike's is the closest :)

Lyla is such a cutey and you are looking so great! I hope you guys are loving looks like such a cool place to live!

Lance&Brittany said...

Haha we've had one of those nights. I say Nicki and Jeff look pretty dang close!!

Michael said...

You did well on these. My favorite is Scott and Grandma Dana.

Bek said...

this is rad. make him do one for me! and i'm so glad you're not private. i hate it when people do that!

The Clarks said...

I got the hat at Target! It was like 6 or 7 bucks. I found this website too that I really want to get a hat from

Michael and Shelley said...

NICE. I love those little people! Their bobble heads are so funny.