Monday, May 17, 2010


We go in for our 20 week ultrasound this Thursday. I'll actually only be 19 weeks, but close enough. Can I just say I'm a little nervous about this one? With Lyla, all we could think about was "Boy or Girl"?, blah blah blah. We never even CONSIDERED the possibility of them finding something wrong. Looking back, we are very fortunate that they only found clubfoot and nothing else. SO SO blessed!! And I am SO glad we found out at the ultrasound instead of right when she was born... that would have sucked even more.

So yes, as weird as it may sound, I am a little nervous about this ultrasound and I'm kind of dreading it. With Lyla it seemed like the date to get this US took FOREVER to get to. But with this pregnancy, I feel like the date has just creeped up on me way too quickly!! Is it horrible to say that I really hope this baby doesn't have clubbed feet? Of course, I would much rather the baby have that instead of something more severe or heart-wrenching. And at least we would know what we had coming for us. But I just want a healthy baby. Is that too much to ask? We'll see.

On a more positive note... Nate's mom comes into town just hours before the ultrasound... WOOHOO!! We are SO excited. And then on Sunday Nate and I are leaving to Florida for a week. So, although I am a little anxious about leaving Lyla for that long, I am really looking forward to having some good, solid time with Nate.


Shelley said...

I'm sure you aren't the only mother-to-be who gets nervous about US's. I'm sure things will be fine though!

That's great that you get to go away with Nate!

Judith said...

hopefully all will go well and there will nothing to worry about! and enjoy your get away with both deserve it!

Jeff and Crystal said...

Kelly good luck! I can't wait to find out what you are having! I'm sure everything will be Great!

April said...

Yeah, I can't wait to find out what you are having!!

Hilary & Collin said...

Oh I cant wait! So excited for you both! I can imagine it can be somewhat stressful waiting but keep postive and enjoy yourselves in Florida! woohoo!

Elena said...

Isn't it amazing how much your perspective changes over time, I'm just very grateful they can see things on those US's. I know I will be in the same situation next time I am expecting because of Anna's problem. I hope it all goes well for you and the baby is absolutely healthy. Oh, and have fun in Florida!

brooke and tyler said... it's thursday. how did it go?