Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cute girl

Because I think she's cute, my family lives away, and this is my blog, I am posting some cute pics of Lyla like I usually do :)

First two pics are during bath time. Dad gave her a sweet mohawk.

She's got a pretty impressive "cheese" smile for the camera!
The next three pictures are of some new outfits we got her for fall/winter. I have to say, I was a little jealous of her and her cute clothes! I would wear most of them! Except the jeggings. I could never pull those off :) Anyway, we got almost all her clothes big so she can grow into them since she is growing so rapidly and we are hoping they last trough Fall AND Winter.

same outfit
I love this one. It even has a little hood on the back... her favorite part!
These last pictures she is in a new outfit too, but it was just during one of our park outings.

It was pretty windy out. Please notice Lyla's long, thin, and scare hair! Looks a little funny, but she's still cute! :)
Sweet shot of Lyla's booty. The lighting was perfect, haha!
Lyla on the big girl swing all by herself! Don't worry, dad is RIGHT behind her and was only pushing her softly. She LOVED it! This is her "I'm really satisfied but I'm going to do my best not to show it" face. She does it all the time.
Before going on by herself, she had a fun time swinging with daddy.
And she loves the slide and going down all by herself!
Such a pretty and precious face with those big blues! (I know, I am totally biased)

That's pretty much it for pictures of Lyla. She gets cuter and cuter every day! Here are a few things she's been up to lately...
  • She is saying more and more words every day and they are a lot more clear.
  • She is getting much better at eating her food with a spoon. And she doesn't like us to feed her... she likes to do it herself!
  • She is getting so tall and can reach things that are on the edge of bathroom and kitchen counters (which can be pretty scary!)
  • She has decided that instead of saying 1, 2, 3!, she says 2, 4, 5!, when we play around with her. I think she does this because when we count to three and she doesn't do what we're asking her to, she goes to time out. So think she just tries to avoid it all together. We're working on it :)
  • She has mastered the art of tantrums, fussing, whining, etc. We're also working on that one :)
  • She is starting to love wearing headbands and other accessories. Finally!
  • She loves to stand next to or behind me when I am sitting. When she's next to me, she puts her arm around my neck like she's just hugging me. When she is behind me, she either hugs me from behind or plays with my hair.
  • Every time we pick daddy up from work, she starts laughing uncontrollably when she sees him walking to the car.
  • She is a SINGER! She knows so many songs already, mostly primary ones. And whenever we start to sing, she always joins in if she knows it. Her favorites are "I feel My Saviors Love" "Nephi's Courage" "Popcorn Popping" "ABC's" and "Twinkle, Twinkle".
  • Also can't help but to dance whenever she hears music.
  • When people seem excited or happy, she claps her hands and yells "YAY!!!"
  • She laughs hysterically when I roll the windows down in the car.
  • She is still in her toddler bed and has only gotten out twice on her own. Every other time she stays until I get her.
  • She always stays in time out when we put her there (which has been a lot lately).
  • She let's me know she's "poopy" when she is about to poop or immediately after.
  • She LOVES phones and pretends to talk or text on them all the time. Probably a sign that Nate and I are on our phones too much :)
  • She says hi and bye to almost everyone she sees walking by.
  • LOVES dogs and gets so excited when she sees one.
  • When she drops something she says "Uh oh, I get it!", even when she has no intention of doing so.
  • L has the BEST facial expressions I have ever seen. There really are hundreds of them. I need to get pictures and make a scrapbook of them all because they are so funny.
  • She has recently come out of her shell and isn't so shy around others.
  • She has a hard time sharing with her friends. We're working on that one, too.
  • Instead of saying "Bear", she says "Beer". It's a good thing we can tell because otherwise we'd be a little worried that every night when we put her to sleep she asks for her "Beer" :)
  • She can open doors now. And she knocks on them and says "Who is it?"
There are a gagillion other things she does, but this will have to do for now. She makes me laugh every day. I need to start posting the funny things she does when she does them so I don't forget. Anyway, I love my sweet LEW!


abby said...

she is so darling and grown up! my kids make that same "i'm-not-going-to-smile" face and i love it.

Jen Low said...

I used to think I couldn't pull off leggings...maybe I can't. All I know is that I can wear a pair of stetchy cotton pants and call it fashion. Why didn't I jump on this bandwagon sooner?

Also, Lyla is getting so big and I love her outfits! Buying little girls clothing is too fun

Rach said...

So stinkin cute. These posts make me so happy and then so sad that we don't get to see you guys! We love that little lyla and I wish we could have her over to play!

Tasha and Ryan said...

So dang cute!!! =) I love her facial expressions- they just kill me.

erin | adam said...

cute pictures! glad you posted:)