Sunday, September 26, 2010

Say "Ahh"!

When we started feeding Lyla solids we would open our mouths to show her that we wanted her to do the same thing. Everybody does that, right? Well, this is a habit that I have not been able to quit. In fact, I even do this subconsciously to Nate some times and he makes fun of me every time. Despite my actions, I am still a little surprised that when Lyla went to feed the deer at a nearby park this past week, she opened her mouth to encourage the deer to eat the carrot she had in her hand. Gosh, she makes me laugh!


Erin said...

super cute!!! my mom still does that with brady all the time!

Candace Wright said...

So cute! Yes, every parent does this!

Jeff and Kira said...

hahaha! She is so cute!