Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tear-jerkin' movies...

Movies that make me cry EVERY TIME I watch them...
  • Stepmom - seriously, I cry throughout the entire movie
  • Steel Magnolias - obviously
  • Titanic - no not when Leo sinks to the bottom of the ocean... but when the ship is sinking and they show the old couple on the bed awaiting their death and THEN they show the mom telling a story to her two children so they won't be scared! SO SAD!
  • Life is Beautiful - if you don't cry in this one then you don't have a heart
  • Armageddon - you know when... in the end when she is saying goodbye to her dad!
  • My Girl - the bee's. Oh, those stinkin' bee's!!
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - The little girl. I think her name is Bailey.
  • Fox and the Hound
  • The Green Mile - I actually haven't seen this in forever, but I'm sure I'd cry again if I watched it.
  • The Notebook - I think I saw this movie 7 times in the theaters with my friends and we just sat and bawled for like 10 minutes afterward every time. I know, that's a little pathetic and I'm a total sissy.
  • LOTR: The last movie - Okay, I just have to admit this one so a certain someone *cough* RACHEL *cough* doesn't call me out on it. I totally cried at the end of the LOTR trilogy. But I think it's because we watched them all in a row and I was so sad at the end! But since those movies are SO long I probably won't watch them all again for a long time. IF I did though, I'd probably cry every time.
So, what movies make you cry EVERY SINGLE TIME you watch them?


Judi said...

StepMom for sure
Titanic...same part as you.
Out of Africa
The Sound of Music (because of the childhood memories)
Toy Story 3... makes me think of saying goodbye to my own son for 2 years
50 First Dates..the end is so touching and the song somewhere over the rainbow is a family favorite...
and anything else you can think of...i wear my heart on my sleeve for any movie...
thankd for sharing yours!

Tasha and Ryan said...


abby said...

pay it forward.

i don't even really like the movie but i just start sobbing uncontrollably at the end.

Candace Wright said...

I think the real question is... "What doesn't make you cry?" I'm a bawl-baby when it comes to media. Commercials can make me cry!!! I was never like this before I had children and now, anyone's grief or major triumph brings me to tears.

I'll name one that might surprise people. The Incredibles... the scene when Mrs. Incredible wraps her body around her to kids to protect them from the missile that hits the plane. I cry EVERY TIME! That's what we Mom's would do... We'd willing take a missile (not just a bullet) for our kids!

I'm crying now as I type!!!

Rach said...

I know I am so late on posting here, but I LOVE this post! I love Candace's comment and I really love that you put that you cry to Lord of the Rings. As soon as you started making the list of movies, I started forming a comment in my mind of calling you out on it. And then, lo and behold, I scroll down and there it is!
We had so much fun watching movies and stuff with you. You can cry all you want if we could just watch it with you again!