Monday, November 29, 2010

Lyla Quotes and some pics

Lyla's speech has really started to pick up lately and it has been so fun to listen to her figure out how to talk. Anyway, lately she has been saying some really funny things and so I thought I'd jot a few down before I forget about them...

Situation: We've been trying to teach Lyla what to say when people ask her how old she is (she turns two this week!). After some coaching, this is the result.
Me: Hey Lyla, how old are you?
Lyla: Um, 14 thousand!
Me: What?
Nate: Lyla, how old are you? Are you two?
Lyla: Um, 14 thousand! (So weird! I don't know where she got the thousand, lol!)

Situation: Lyla playing with the screen on the fireplace.
Me: Lyla, you are NOT supposed to touch that!
Lyla: (with a victorious fist pump in the air) I WANT TIME OUT!!! (she then proceeds to run to time out).

It's funny the phrases we must say a lot...
Nate: Okay Lyla, you can get off time out now.
Lyla: Okay, just a second daddy.

Me: Hey Lyla, come here!
Lyla: K, just a sec!

Situation: Lyla putting the phone to her ear...
Lyla: Uh huh. Ok. Bye. (and then repeats a thousand times)

The next two are examples of how she has learned to admire herself:
Situation: Pull out the camera to take pictures of Lyla.
Lyla: (After we take almost every picture, she runs to the camera to look at it) "CUTE!!"

Situation: We put on a new outfit on Lyla
Lyla: CUTE!!!

Not really a quote, but she loves to unbutton things. So one night she was wearing the full body pajama's that button from top to bottom. The next morning she comes out of her room wearing nothing but her diaper and dragging her pajama's behind her. So cute!

Situation: We've been working with her to speak or ask for things in full sentences. Usually it goes "Mommy, can I have some water, please?"
Lyla:I want water!
Me: Oh Lyla, how do you ask?
Lyla: Momma called the doctor and the doctor said, "NO MORE MONKEY'S JUMP ON BED!" (And then she laughs)

Situation: Ly loves to sing and we sing several songs before bed each night. She knows almost all the words to most of them and she knows when the songs are coming to an end. So to avoid the final bedtime song, she has learned to transition her songs, DJ style.
Nate and I: I feel my Savior's love, the (love)...
Lyla: ...(wants) me for a sunBEAM!

And lastly, whenever she talks to or about Ruby, she says "Wooby Wooby!" in this cute, sing song voice.

We love our little chatter box!

Here are just a few pics from the past couple of weeks...

Lyla loves to pose with Ruby. Unfortunately this results in her grabbing Ruby and pulling her on top of her OR just laying on top of her completely. I'm surprised at how much Ruby doesn't seem to mind!
Ruby her bouncer.
Cute pic, even though she kind of looks like a boy :)
Me snuggling with my girls and reading them a book.


Camille said...

She cracks me up!! Such cuties!!

Candace Wright said...

So adorable! Where did to years go?

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, & Max said...

Isn't it the best when you can start to see what they're thinking : ) She's too cute and the one month pic of Ruby is gorgeous!!!