Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lyla was so funny today...

I don't know what it was but Lyla was so funny today!! Here are a few examples...

1. Setup: This morning it was pretty chilly outside but Nate and Lyla went in the back yard so they could go play around. I went to join them and chased after Lyla for a little bit and attacked her with tickle's. After a few minutes I was pretty cold and decided to head back in the house.
Lyla: Are you going inside mom?
Me: Yeah, I'm going inside.
Lyla: (sounding disappointed and sarcastic at the same time) Oh, are you too busy?
SLAP! Nate was laughing because our 2 year old had just burned me.
Me: What? No! I was cold you silly goose!
So of course I played with her a little longer until we all went back in.
Family, isn't it about... time? (So perfect for general conference weekend!)

2. Setup: Lyla loves fruit snacks and she had just had a pack of them. We were watching the afternoon session of conference and since that wasn't holding her attention she was watching a movie in the other room. I heard her go into the kitchen, grab herself another pack of fruit snacks (which she is not supposed to do since she she just had one and she didn't ask) and go back to watch her movie.
Nate: Are you going to say something to her?
Me: No, I think I'll let her think she got away with it. I'm choosing my battles.
Then Lyla walks in and so generously hands me a purple fruit snack (she knows they are my favorite) and says "Here you go mom!". So much for letting her be sneaky! So I thanked her for sharing and told her to ask next time.

3. Setup: Someone "Booed" us today. It's a Halloween tradition where someone ding-dong ditches you and leaves you a treat with a note that says "You've been booed!" and you're supposed hang a sign in your window that says you were booed and then go do it to a couple of other people in your neighborhood. Super fun and cute!

Anyway, so we open the door to this cute little note and the treat's and we were so excited! At first glance we thought they were cupcakes...
Us: Someone left us cupcakes!
Lyla: I wanna see the cupcakes!
And before we know it she starts walking out before I could grab her and SQUISH!!!!!! She steps right on the plate of what we now know were homemade oreo's! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! We felt so bad because someone had went through all this effort to do something so cute and creative and Lyla came in prancing around like she was King Kong. It's okay though, the treats were covered so we ate the non-damaged goodies and it really did give us a good laugh! I'm just hoping that whoever it was who dropped them off wasn't hiding out and listening to all the commotion. And if whoever it was is reading this blog... I'M SORRY and THANK YOU!!! :)

4. Setup: During conference today, whenever a speaker came up she would ask, "Who's that?" and we would tell her. Here are a few funny exmples:
President Eyring:
L: Who's that?
Nate: That's President Henry B Eyring.
L: Hey! I saw him last night!

President Uchtdorf:
Ly was having trouble saying his name. Here are a few of her versions of his name: Uff-dork, Mook-dor, ucht-doof.

5. Both girls were in their room for their afternoon nap. About 10 minutes after we put them in we were Ruby laughing hysterically over and over again. It turns out that Lyla had put all of her bedding in Ruby's crib and had climbed in there herself and was playing with Ruby making her laugh and laugh. Such a sweet sound!

We love our funny girl and that she made us laugh so much today!


Yolanda Taylor said...

That is adorable! I think my favorite was Henry B. Eyring :D Thanks for sharing the laughs and your cute family!

Amy Rex said...

The Uchtdorf thing seriously cracked me up! :)