Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ruby's crazy hair...

I just had to do a little post of Rube's crazy hair because it makes me laugh each morning and after every nap, and little times in between. Besides her hair getting so long, this girl has some SERIOUS body, which kind of makes her head look a lot bigger than it already is.

Good morning cute girl!

People always ask me if I tease Ruby's hair (which I do not) because it looks like she has a permanent BumpIt in. I think it does that because of her cowlick. The hair that has serious body to it naturally goes forward (would have been great for a boy head). But since her hair has become longer and heavier, it's starting to fall the right way along with her head, thus creating the BumpIt look.
Love that little poof!

Look at that natural body!

The full view from the back. Natural body and curls... lucky girl!

Happy, crazy, and mischievous girl!

And of course I had to get some pics of my cute Lyla...
Big, sweet eyes.

In this picture she was in the middle of telling me she tooted :)

Love my cute girls!


Jonathan and Laura said...

Ruby's hair is awesome! That is some crazy volume she's got going on. Hopefully it continues to work in her favor. Macy has crazy hair too but not in a good way. And unlike ruby, she doesn't let me put it in a ponytail to try and help the situation..

Haley said...

Oh in a perfect world, we would all have incredibly voluminous hair like that cute Ruby!

(mostly) emma said...

Pete and I laughed for like a full minute about Lyla's tooting picture. She is so hilarious!

I love Ruby's hair! Lucky, lucky girl!

Amy Rex said...

LOVE lyla's face in the last pic. she is SO funny!