Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines Day Party

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but my friend Haley and I took on the daunting role of Fuqua Families Co-Chair. I am happy (and sort of surprised) to say that that it has gone pretty well so far!

Anyway, our first big event was our Valentines Day party, that we so graciously delegated to our good friend Laura :) She did NOT disappoint! She set up a Kissing/Photo Booth, as well as a Candy Walk (instead of cake). Everything was beautifully decorated and everyone there had so much fun. Thanks Laura!!

Laura and her cute family.

My co-chair Haley, and her family.

Good friends, Lyla and Izzy.

Lyla wanted to have a quick photoshoot for herself. Love my cute girl!

The Candy Walk

All the candies we happily filled our little bags up with

My sweet Ruby girl.

Lyla BEGGED for this cupcake and only ended up eating the frosting. The cupcake is the best part! Crazy girl!

And for our Valentines Day date, we put the girls to bed and cooked up some filet mignon, baked potatoes, and had a delicious caesar salad with sparkling cider. It was DE-LICIOUS! And for dessert we ate the candies we got each other while catching up on Parenthood. I got Nate a watch (which he doesn't really like, haha!) and he got me a Duke chip n' dip platter that I LOOOOVE! Perfect date night, if you ask me! I love my sexy man!

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