Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lyla's 4th Birthday

Lyla's birthday was back in the beginning of December.  Her party had to get canceled because she caught the stomach flu that was going around.  Then, I was sick on her birthday.  I felt terrible because I was so nauseated, I couldn't move or I'd throw up.  I even had to cancel a neuro appointment that day since I was so sick.  But Lyla was truly, so sweet about it and didn't even complain once that I was a useless mom on her big day.  Anyway, we still did presents on her birthday and she was thrilled with her gifts...

She had been asking for those cookies for a while. And she busted out the bead necklace making set that very day and made all her girlfriends necklaces.

That night, Nate came home with a cupcake that he got from some event at school and since I had felt so sick, we used that for her birthday cupcake. She was thrilled. :)

We finally had her birthday party a few days later.  It was a baking theme.  Each of the girls got their very own apron, baker's hat (which were huge!), and a rolling pin.

The idea was for the girls to roll out their dough with their pins, cut out the cookies, and we'd bake them and decorate them.  Unfortunately, the dough ball that was in the fridge was super hard... dah!  Nate used his super strong muscles and rolled the dough out and the girls cut out their cookie shapes.  Then we had lunch while the cookies baked, but in the craziness of all that, I forgot the cookies in the oven (nooooooo!!!!!) and they turned out to be pretty crisp.  Oh well.  The girls had fun decorating them, nonetheless.  :)

Then it was on to presents. Lyla has some of the sweetest, and cutest friend in the world.  And Ruby claims them all as her own. :)

Overall, Lyla had a really great birthday and she (and me and Rube) really loves those friends of hers.


Haley said...

What a cute birthday party. I was so impressed that you made aprons for each of the girls. You're all going to be severely disappointed when it's my turn to host a 4 year old birthday party. Ha ha. Also, what on earth is going on in that second group picture, where Izzy looks so shocked? I can only guess it's one of Nate's antics. :)

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

So cute! And I love your honesty!!!!