Friday, December 3, 2010

Ruby 6 Weeks

Ruby at 6 weeks, 4 days.

I took Ruby in for her 1 month when she was 6 weeks, so it was more of a 6 week check up. Here are her stats...

Weight: 9lbs (she was 7lb 7oz) (50%)
Height: 23 in (95%)
Head: I forgot, but I think she has a pretty big head :)

She looks and is doing great! She has been smiling for us a lot lately. She and Lyla just love each other. Whenever Ruby is laying down somewhere besides her swing and her bouncer, you can count on Lyla laying down next to her, giving her her bear, or giving her a binki. It's so cute to watch them!
She does really well on tummy time... last night she pretty much just rolled herself from her tummy to her back all by herself. She was mad when I put her back on her tum. And then as I was taking this photo of her, she had originally started out on her tummy and then ended up almost all the way on her back.
Anyway, she's still spits up a lot but I think it is getting better. I am a little nervous that she is lactose intolerant (sp?) because I think I've realized that when I eat meals with cheese, she gets pretty fussy afterwards. That could be a problem for me :) She is a great sleeper when she is feeling well.
And lastly, she still has all her hair! I can't believe it! I think it could be lightening up a little, but I could be wrong. She definitely got the Wright hair... lucky girl! Chapman hair is flimsy and airy. Bleh!
Anyway, we love our Ruby Louise!


Leslie said...

she is SERIOUSLY such a BEAUTIFUL baby! oh my gosh. i just love it!

Camille said...

That little chin is just so freakin' cute!! I want to pinch it!! Can't believe she is 6 weeks! WOW!

Emily said...

I love that picture of her! She's beautiful!

Kira said...

Ruby is GORGEOUS! You did a great job taking her picture. I like her newborn pics as well.

Emily Rosell said...

An angel. She has changed so much already.

Mike and Val said...

Ooh, I will be praying for you because doing the whole non-dairy thing for a year is NO FUN! But, it is doable. Call me if you decide she has a milk allergy and I will share all my recipes. The upside is it's a great way to lose weight. :)