Monday, December 13, 2010

Lyla's First Snow Day

Last year during the winter, Lyla was still crawling and wasn't really able to play in the snow. It made winter very LONG!! Snow finally came a little over a week ago and it looked so beautiful! We showed Lyla the snow from the window and she seemed pretty curious about it. So we decided to bundle her up and take her outside to play while Ruby slept in her swing inside (don't worry, we had the monitor on). And by the way, her snow outfit was a little short so I'm pretty sure she had a wedgie the whole time. Luckily she was having such a great time!

"What is this stuff?"
She fell down a lot :)
She pretty much just ate the snow the whole time and she LOVED it! Luckily it was the first snow of the season so it wasn't really dirty.
She also LOVES her hat and her gloves. She wears them around the house all the time.

She seems like she is totally in her element. Snow definitely suits her.
She had a lot of fun learning to throw snow balls with her daddy.

Attempting to build a really mini snowman.
One of my favorites from the day.

Next step... SLEDDING!!


Jeff and Kira said...

All of those pictures are so gorgeous!! Lyla is so cute in her snowsuit!

Camille said...

Pink from head to CUTE!!!!

Em said...

Umm Kelly she is soo adorable! Love the pink, and what a fun time... how great it is to discover "new" things with her.

Jennifer said...

So cute! I love seeing Lyla explore new things.

Emily said...

Josie has that same hat! I need to get her a cute snow suit like that one. So pretty!

Bek said...

her outfit is the best part of the snow day! she is workin' it!