Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brookfield Zoo outing

We had a rare week in the Chicago area where it was WARM! Well, relatively warm... like mid 50's. Good enough! So a group of us mom's decided to take our kids to the zoo and Lyla was THRILLED to be outside running around!

Chasing her buddy Jaxon

With her friends Graham and Jaxon.

Ly had a little bit of a freak out in the Children's Petting zoo. She did NOT like the the rooster's cocka-doodle-dooing in her face and she did NOT like the goats walking toward her. I guess they were supposed to just sit there...

Trying to show concern/offer comfort while trying not to laugh. It was pretty funny because she would cry because she was afraid of the roosters and how loud they were, and then she would laugh because she thought they were funny, then cry, then laugh. You get the point.

Trying to let her know that everything would be okay and that the goat wasn't going to "get" her.

She liked this goat since it wasn't moving.

Ruby was mad that for the first part of the zoo she was in her stroller. She wanted in on the action! So I went all the way back to my car to get the baby carrier so she could enjoy the sun and the zoo. She. Was. In. Heaven. Anyway, by the end of the day we were all exhausted and Ruby fell asleep without me even realizing it.
Things I have learned from this outing:
1) When I try to comfort/calm Lyla, I put my face right into hers. Weird, I know.
2) I need an Ergo Baby Carrier. It has been on my wish list for MONTHS but it is just so dang expensive!! But the weight on my back and shoulders from my Bjorn is killer.
3) Lyla feels threatened by rooster's and goats.


Candace Wright said...

Hilarious! I loved the pictures.

Shelley said...

I love the one of you trying to comfort Lyla without laughing. So funny!

Rach said...

Oh goodness...where to start. I absolutely love that one of Lyla where she is pointing out the culprit. Classic face.
We miss you guys so much. I wish that Ty and Cam could run around with little Lyla and jump on the goats to show her they are nice and probably get right in Ruby's face and wake her up just to give her a kiss.
I just wish we lived near you guys!

Alex and Jane said...

What a cute post! Lyla is just growing up!! And I am with you on the Ergo, I am definitely splurging and getting one with my next baby.